Shertzbox back ordered

Hey guys, I know some of you know Chris with Shertzbox, and I also know he’s a super busy guy, his website says that they’re back ordered 60 to 90 days.

Well I ordered my Shertzbox after lots of positive referrals off of this forum, back in March of this year. I never heard back, after repeated emails phone calls and texts, until yesterday, when I called and got his wife. She said that they having major supply chain issues (like so many businesses), and are not sure when they will be able to ship out any new boxes, she said it will probably be a minimum a couple months or more.

So question, I know some of you have gone with the FloPro ( @Infinity ) - should I wait for the Shertz Box or go with the FloPro which is available right now.

Input of all kinds shapes and sizes welcomed

I’ve got one I’ll sell I think. Will know tomorrow. Used but in good shape. $350

Bought 1 FlowPro to test out, but haven’t installed it yet. The folks we know in the business all (the first 4-5 that immediately answered the question anyway) said FlowPro without hesitation. One guy said he had bought a dozen of them this year, and wouldn’t have a machine without one…secondhand info, but statistically can’t see how that’s not a ringing endorsement in my mind.

No regrets here. Love the flowpro

I don’t see what the difference would be in a remote shut off valve in one vs. the other. Unless they are breaking, I would think getting one several months before the other is a valid purchasing decision. I’m not knocking Schertzbox, I had thought about buying one, but the feeling passed. I don’t have one of these fancy gizmos, it’s just too pricey for a part timer. Besides, my fat butt could use a few more trips back and forth to the trailer.

You said input of all shapes and sizes, and my shape is large and round.

This was my day yesterday, washing a couple of apartment buildings. If I had to walk back to the truck every time I needed to switch between soap and rinse, I probably would have only gotten one building done, and spent just as many steps doing it.

(Due to the temps here, and the layout and grunginess of the buildings, I ended up needing to switch between soap and rinse a lot during the day)

I’ll take it

Thanks for the feedback guys, I do like the idea of completely bypassing the injector with the FloPro, I’m guessing a 3 way tee valve to flush the injector will be necessary. I do a lot of 3-4 story beach houses with a deck on each level and the time has come to elevate my efficiency. I called and chatted with Jud West at FP- said he is a week out to ship a system. Here we go…

Put me down for dibs if IBS doesn’t take it @Racer . I’ll actually pay in American dollars and not cheerwine and dry chicken so maybe keep that in mind


Well that just got real @DisplacedTexan​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

:joy: they both know I’m just poking fun. But I am serious about the Schertz Box lol

and you’re not wrong about the rest of it… :rofl:

@Racer send it to Texas. I’ve got two new ones on the shelf, I just like having extra extras.

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Now I should’ve known you had some kicking around somewhere. That’s the same reason why I want it lol

Chris sent me a bunch of odds and ends when he starting these. I’ve got six on the trucks, two new ones and parts to build two more. You can never have enough of a good thing lol

Geez and I thought I got the hookup! He’s a good dude through and through. And his product has saved me so much time and money I could never imagine doing this without one again.

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Ok you guys are talking me into one lol. I’m assuming I can have 2 on the same truck or nearby and they won’t interfere with each other ?

You know, I’ve thought about that but never thought to ask Chris. I’m just a one man show so I would just swap the DS hose from the 8 to the 5.5 and roll on. Maybe if we tag him enough he’ll pop in and enlighten us. @SchertzServicesLLC lol

I’ve had six going within 500ft of each other with no problems. All the trucks have two on them

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If you knew what they cost to make you guys would be building your own,