Share my trailer design, after one year of use

Had this trailer custom built late last year; built the equipment in January.
About this trailer.
6.5x13; dry weight about 2000lbs; gvw 7000lbs;

2x8gpm, 1x5gpm, 2x12v (two fully functional independent systems), 2 surface cleaners, 1 backpack blower, and 2 handheld blowers, 275ga + 80ga water, 120ga sh, 20ga sp, 12ga gas, 2 tool boxes, 3 tool trays (milk crate), 1 garage can (milk crate), 1x5ga gas can, 1 5L gas can for blowers, 1x6ft step ladder, 1x8ft step ladder, 1x16ft ladder, 1x20ft ladder, 1x28ft ladder, 1x32ft ladder; 450ft high pressure hose; 200+225 ft chem hose, 100+75+25+50 water hose.

efficient: designed for 3-4 person crew, can handle any size any difficulty job, very efficiently.
heavy: well, really heavy.
no down time: everything has a backup.
best for: I’d say, a small team with the owner. works well for us.

Things I’d do differently:
Go with aluminum, at least lighter steel, absolutely not necessary to have 2" steel on ladder racks or side railings;
Bigger gas tank, 25-30GA is ideal.


That thing is a beast of a trailer I love it…I got my trusty ol lowes 3.5x5 I bought used for now haha!! Can’t wait to slowly move up the ladder with these trailer builds :):slight_smile: it’s gonna be alot of fun !