SH Tank (LA.- MS.)

I have searched all around and cannot find a 50- 65 gallon SH tank with no bulkhead fitting. Does anyone know of a tank supplier in south LA or MS? I am trying to avoid using a tank from TSC due to the bulkhead fitting & don’t want to use a drum on the new trailer build.


I couldn’t find one either. I haven’t had a single leak, just keep a backup bulkhead fitting and gaskets, and empty/rinse your tank as part of your daily breakdown routine.

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Just plug the bulkhead fitting if you don’t want to use it

The seal on the bulkhead will eventually leak no way around it. You would need to plastic weld the bulkhead hole for permanent fix.

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I use these from tank depot. Call to verify they have no bulkheads. Pictures with one but mine don’t have any.

They have a location on the east side of Houston if that’s not too far.

55 Flat bottom utility tank

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I don’t like it but I plugged my SH tank. It leaked then I replaced the bulkhead with a banjo bulkhead and and used silicone grease and it hasn’t leaked in 3 years. I still want to replace it with a pco tank but for now it works.

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I couldn’t find a 65 gallon one either and I didn’t want to risk leaks, so I went with the 100 gallon one below. I know this one is larger than what you’re looking for, but it’s the one I went with and I’ve been happy with it:

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Thanks for the responses. I remembered that a friend of mine is in the pest control business. I called him and he has a 50 gallon with no bulkheads that he is giving me.