SH Storage and Transfer

I am building a new trailer and have located a local dealer for parts/accessories, and they also have fairly priced 12.5% SH, however they don’t deliver, but will pump to your trailer.
What do you folks do in this situation? I have an extra 55 gallon white drum (was used for rain water collection) that I could put on my trailer and purchase 55 gallons every so often. And I was thinking of an electric pump to transfer to my 35 gallon leg on trailer (mix) tank. Or should I transfer to a garage tank? Do you folks have on-board SH on your trailer for long term? Could I spray paint the drum, would that help shelf life?

Don’t worry about shelf life if you’re using it up every 2 weeks or so and the trailer is stored inside. I have a 35 gal chem tank on the trailer and wish they’d fill it. It’s 55 gal drum or nothing for me.

I’d have them fill the 35 gallon tank and put another 25 into the 55 for storage in the garage.

I use my roof pump for transferring from the 55 gal drum.

Don’t worry about painting it either.

So are you saying put the 55 drum in the garage and fill the on board 35 gallon tank at the dealer and transfer back to garage 55 gallon drum?
I plan on an electric pump either way to transfer all my needs.

Maybe I need to clarify, I have two tanks on the trailer, 125 gallon supply (water) and 35 gallon mix tank for house wash mix. I am not using 5 gallon bucket, I am mixing up 35 gallon house wash. I am not sure I have room for the 55 gallon drum on the trailer. But, I could make multiple trips to the dealer and they could fill my 35 gallon tank.

No. If they can fill the onboard 35 gallon tank have them fill it and leave it there. So you’re not transferring it twice.

If you need 55 gallons, only partially fill the drum and leave that in your garage or shop.

This is an issue i have been thinking about. Found a source for 12.5% after talking to @MrSparkleVA. But either have to buy 5 gal at ~$3.00 gal, 55 at $2.70 a gal i think it was.

ive been buying 8.25% at the store for houses and has been fine for me thus far, at $2.20 per. I dont want to have 12.5% sitting away going to crap, not to mention id have to drive across town to get it. I hope i can go through 55 gal in a few weeks next season, but using 12.5 % will cut down on the amount i use. I guess just go with the “add SH til its clean” if it would come on at that point.

This dealer I found will pump 12.5% for $2.85 a gallon into your tank “drive up”
I just need to know how to take advantage of that.

Then get smaller drums to hold in. 5-15 small drums are available.

Kind of off topic, but how would one go about finding a local distributor? I googled chemical dealers in my area, SH dealers, etc. I almost ordered a 53 gal drum from Leslies pool supplies for 199 for 12.5%… but thats still $3.75/ gal and i know I can get it somewhere cheaper…

@Donut contact pressure works, they have a few different locations in hampton roads area, they told me i could buy 55gal drum of 12.5% for around $140 or $160 cant remember exact amount. And they will deliver (to kitty hawk every other week) but in the hampton roads area im sure they will deliver more often. And as far as going to waste, just keep it out of direct heat / sunlight and it should be fine.

Not sure if this is the same supplier that @MrSparkleVA told you of but it may be worth a shot.

Why is sh so expensive in your areas/hard to find. I can get it for usually 1-1.07$ and have multiple dealers within a 20mile radius. From south Florida btw.

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Yeah thats the place.

I guess that’s the blessing of living in paradise, like two out of three houses here in FL has a pool :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m paying 1.075/gal, it’s a plumbing and pool supply chain, only sells wholesale.
It’s like a gas station for SH, you pull up, open your tank, grab the hose with the ball valve and an elbow, fill your tank with what you need, shut it off, hang it up, walk inside, chit chat, they have my card on file, sign their copy, take mine and on my merry way i go. It’s so close i can go there every morning if need be, they even have free donuts on Friday :+1:


I’m very jealous.

lol, hey maybe you’re in the wrong business, maybe your area needs a good supplier :wink:

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What part of Florida? I am just north of Tampa. And what is the store?

Yeah, if I come home with one more “business opportunity” it could get ugly. Lol

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The Treasure Coast, Gorman is the store, but there’s another one called Horner Xpress.

@MDA1775 that’s hilarious. It’s tough being a businessman and a husband, still a blessing though