SH price increased

My price shot up to $3.25 a gallon from the distributor, did anyone else’s prices go up?

I am still trying to find 12.5 up here locally in Alaska. Getting creative I called the furniture store which also happens to sell hot tubs and they have 10%. Unfortunately they are asking 25$ a gallon.

Options I have locally are 5.25, 7.5, and 8 or 8.5 and all are about 5 dollars and change a gallon. :grimacing:

Yeah, Mine went up $0.64/gallon and they added a $50 delivery fee

Not since the 8% hike I got last fall. Glad I just filled up the tank yesterday. Should be good for a month or 2…

$3.50 gallon at my supplier…up from 2.70 at the end of last fall.

I know a guy that actually gets it cheaper this year, much cheaper than last year. Gasoline & SH both. He gets it for free. His name is Chuck Norris.

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I’ve heard they pay him to take it.

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Us truck washers got slammed, anything that contains butyl or citric is going through the roof.

same boat, about a buck more a gallon. It isn’t a game changer but it adds to the list of things that went way up this year.

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uh oh, I didn’t look at my citric supply …almost afraid to now. That stuff was cheap (deck use, per pound).

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At the end of the day, it’s only relevant that you’re aware of these increases and acting accordingly. If you’re not upping prices to account for the increased costs, then you won’t be in business long term. That’s just how running a business works, pricng has to follow costs (outside of anything gov’t regulated :joy:)

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We went and pre bought for the year before the increase because we got a heads up, Some of our chems went up 30% , then there’s the fuel increase to contend with that changes every week. Gonna be a long year.

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Yes, business 101. There are people in this industry that think they can pass off everything to the customer. In upper income houses that is likely a possibility, however, as time goes on the pinch becomes real and those unnecessary expenditures get put on the back burner for the average customer. I wash on small margins so I absolutely have to raise my prices.

I have lived through a recession before, so as far as my business goes, I am wait and see. I am not dependent on this work as my primary income, but this has to be self sustaining or I am ending it. I have other skills I can use to make side money…exotic dancing…you pay me to keep my clothes on… :smiley:.

smarter than the average bear, good for you for pre planning.

I did a quick citric powder search and found some for about .25 an ounce online, but I would have to look at some other venues to see if I can get it cheaper. Hydro raised all their prices. 30% is a significant uptick in operating costs, but at least you are working in a field that sees that fuel costs are impacting everything.

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If it’s legit cost increases, it has to be passed on (minor temporary stuff can be absorbed).

I need to better educate sales though, one of them asked me a few weeks ago how we justify the price increases…to anyone not living under a mossy rock, you shouldn’t have to (and if you do, it should be a short discussion…)

Those are large increases. Would you be able to renegotiate your washing contracts?

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It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. Global Economies are overheated on every metric. War, inflation, covid, house prices, collateral damage from money printing, price of oil etc it’s all going to turn to ■■■■ soon @Dirtyboy, recession imminent.


Yeah, the signs are there. Inflation has been creeping up for years in the U.S., but the fed couldn’t take away the easy money for wall st (lobbyists). Greenspan (the old fed chair) used to look at odd metrics for measuring inflation, but some of those were on the money - like scrap metal prices. All I know for a fact is that my cheese prices have almost doubled in the last 6 months, and that isn’t from a gas price increase.

In my world I would love to buy a new pickup 2500/250 the oval, bowtie, horned mammal, don’t care. I just want the best bang for the buck. In the last 8-10 years or so, the price of a pickup has gone up about 50%, that has nothing to do with gas prices or covid. I figure it is just plain old greed. Times were good so they tried to get all they could get. In 2008, when gas prices soared, they couldn’t sell a pickup. Hoping that happens again. Got mine for a sweet deal. I would also imagine that if the recession lasts long enough and hits hard enough, I will be able to buy some used PW equipment on the cheap. I really want some ladders, but I won’t pay these crazy/insane prices they are asking now for type1/1a. Tried craiglists and other sites, no luck in the size and weight rating I want, but I am patient so I will wait. I don’t want other people to fail necessarily, but we know that everyone doesn’t plan the same way or anticipate business falling off a cliff.

Holy heck, rambling while drinking coffee again. I better go outside, at least the weather is starting to break in the mountains this week…

Can’t wait. All these goobers that took the COVID money will be hurting for money again and the gubmint ain’t gonna save them this go round. Should be able to pick up some nice toys on the cheap.


Don’t know about that one, Joe would love to buy some votes, any president would. They can print all the money they want to, they own the presses.