SH poisoning

We’re trying to rule out a serious stomach issue that might require me to have surgery due to acid reflux, bad valve, and maybe a busted ulcer.
I did a house wash and interior lanai Tuesday 10% sh at 60/40 70/30. About 2 hours later as I was making final walkthrough taking afters, I started throwing up, cramping ,my wife literally had to come help me off the job site. That spell lasted 4-6 hrs
On Wed. I went to do a shrub trimming job and 30 mins to an hour in same thing,
Thurs. we cut 8 out of 14 yards and it happened on the last 3 yards the same exact way. Dehydration, cramping and weakness along with my stomach feeling like a coffee pot doctors are reccomending surgery since no ppis, H2s, and antacids haven’t helped in 14years.
My question is has anyone dealing with SH ever encountered anything like this for this long? This is day 4. I was wearing a “buff” but not a respirator and I’ve done plenty of housewashes and never had anything like this.

Probably not the SH

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@Innocentbystander In this case I wanted it to be. Now it looks like a lot of down time and I can’t stand doctors and hospitals.

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I’d rule out SH for sure it’s got to be something else. Wish I could be more help. Best of luck hope you get better soon @mgcmike

I appreciate it man. I’m seeing a specialist Monday, but doctors are saying it’s Barrett’s esophagous and aren’t ruling out cancer either. I hope everybody’s having a good day washing and not having to deal with stuff like this.

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As hard as it may be, it’s important that you stay positive minded for yourself and the people around you at times like this. I’m sure you’ll get through it just stay positive and face whatever it is head on.

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Had you endoscopy and biopsy . Maybe is just GERD , esophagitis or ulcers.I hope nothing more serious, even Barrett’s at lite stages not so dangerous.
I have gerd for 12 years, 10 years on ppi, . SH makes my reflux a little worse , but not to bad.
I notice most negative effect from stress , poor diet and to mush pressure to stomach area.
Get tests done and good luck.

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Sorry dude probably not the SH. In bootcamp we scrubbed the floors with it and every now and then the drill instructors shut all the doors and windows until almost everyone was coughing and dizzy. We probably inhaled much more than you did. It didn’t put anybody down for long.

I’m not saying it’s safe to work in closed off areas with lots of bleach.

Heat exhaustion or possible heat stroke. Symptoms are evident, take a break for a little while and focus on rehydration. My opinion so byno means take it as medical advice. It’s too serious for me not to comment on so just looking out for you.


Definitely not heat exhaustion as it’s happening now at 9:00 at night as I sit here. I live in FL so I know not to play around with the sun. Over the past 3 days I’ve drank 3 gallons of water have kept none of it down except a little today… almost the same exact symptoms with burning of the stomach and some soreness

@vladis I had an endoscope about 10yrs ago and was diagnosed with GERD and managed it with otc/prescriptions. This unfortunately is in my lungs and esophagus and it’s hard to keep food down.

@sgb yea that’s what I figured. My wife kinda noticed my appetite being spotty since the weekend.

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I gag alot and ALWAYS get bad acid. Sometimes so bad i break out in a sweat because it hurts. Usaully if i dont eat. Ive had it so bad that ive forced myself to throw up. Ive always thought it was because i drank alot of beer and swallow dip spit alot :sweat_smile:. Ive cut WAY back on beer. Still swallow dip spit lol. If also changed my diet.

What do you mostly eat? Do you drink or smoke? I also know someone that had these same symptoms from taking goody’s powder way to often.

@Grizz Man i bet dip would do some damage. Esophagal issues with gas untreated can form into cancer. It’s a mixed bad when it comes to food, but I would call it balanced ,luckily my wife would prefer to eat her weight in rabbit food :joy: aka lettuce. Im about to drop sugar too. i used to smoke and , I LOVE whiskey, bourbon and scotch but have to do it sparingly because of this. I will say it feels like the intenseness of it even now is 10x worse than it’s ever been and it’s majubg me feel weak like the flu.

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I’ve been having a pins and needles sensation in my feet and lower legs. And I’m slurring my speech. No big deal at first, but it’s gradually getting worse. Now sometimes literally making me nauseous. Had an MRI and a bunch of blood work. No smoking gun. Wondering if there might be some kind of chemical behind that.

Cancer? Kidney failure? Diabetes? I dunno. Maybe we’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll quit work and wind up in a wheel chair in excruciating pain. Sucks when your body isn’t working right and especially when you think it might be related to how you make a living.

Dude. That’s the sign of a stroke.


I wouldn’t rule out a bacterial infection in the stomach too. Its causes the stomach lining to swell up and burns really bad. Like any other infection your body gets really weak trying to fight it off and can also give you flu like symptoms.

You can trust my diagnosis i have a PHD.

Yes, but a stroke is something that just suddenly happens one day. My symptoms have been progressing much more gradually.

Who changed my title :joy::joy::joy: the PHD is a abbreviation for something else its not something i went to school for.


pins and needles in feet and slurring speech could be MS.

PHD is a Pretty Hot Daughter? What do I win?