SH on Sale!

I ran out of bleach between jobs last Fri so I stopped at Wal-Mart to get some of the 2 pak 10 percent pool SH. It’s usually 6.44 for two gal but it is marked down to 5.00 right now. (They don’t have any left at the North Richland Hills store in TX). I can’t attest to how it does on houses etc but I dilute it 2 gal H2O to 1 gal for fence cleaning and it worked great. I will dilute more or less depending on how bad the fence is. I want to clean it without furring the wood if at all possible. Hope it saves you some cash!

Is that the pool essentials brand? They had it at $3.44 for a two pack here and i stocked up , then about 2 weeks later it sky rocketed to $10.66. It should go on sale again here shortly once pool season is over.

That it, the 2 gal per box of Pool Essentials Chlorine. It’s usually 6.xx per box for the two or 3.64 for one.