Sh odor

How do neighbors respond to sh odor?

Not how we feel about it but the lady next door? Ever have any problems, complaints especially after roof wash?

How do you handle it?

If anything we hear people say how ‘clean’ it smells.

Yep, same here. Most people have grown up smelling Momma or Grand Ma clean or wash stuff with bleach…the smell just triggers “Clean”. I think we’ve only had a couple of customers say anything negative about the smell. Nothing I really worry about.

I have a sample of lemonaid coming from Russ with my unit. Been using Lemon freshwash basiclally for the smell, Very excited to see the difference.

I had some neighbors give me a dirty look, pick up their stuff and head in the house. Don’t know if it was the smell or the sound.

Yea, first roof I did was a barrel tile. Lady came out and was asking about the smell. Said her husband passed from lung cancer having to do with pesticides from farming. She advised us to mask up.

You can mask it with a product from florachem called floramask it comes in many different smells and mixes at 250 to 1. Cost about $60 to $85 a gallon we used to use it when we cleaned senior centers or any place were people with health problems are. Not that it is any less harmful but it helps to stop any panic. Only problem is every one in a while it would turn my SH brown and kill its strength dont know why but after the second time i had to dump 250 gallons of dead chem i stoped using it. By the way most people dont mind the smell of SH but the very elderly

Haven’t had any complaints, roof washing is another story though, man that is a strong odor. I have not done enough roof washing to have a lot of customer feed back yet.

We always use respirator when roof cleaning.

To mask the smell with perfume would be akin to making automobile exhaust smell like hot cheese pizza. It would kill me.

The bleach smell exists to tell those without respirators to go back inside.

Your lungs do not have pain sensors. You can kill them without them complaining.

For goodness sakes fellows, Don’t lie to yourself in such a deadly manner.

This is a commercial grade product being used by trained professionals.

Send the women and children away.

Just an old guy rant. As the saying goes, if I would have known that I would live this long, Id’a taken better care of myself.

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Amen, Tim!

x2 Great point.

“ew Clorox, stop using that stuff” -said no one ever

I’ve had more HO’s come out with a smile on their face saying “wow smells clean!” than anything else.

I have also had positive comments and feedback about things ‘smelling clean’ when the trace of bleach odour is still in the air…

I wonder if that will change over time as more and more non-bleach ‘eco’ smells become associated with clean kitchens and bathrooms indoors?

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