SH eats copper?

Customer sent me a pic of the door handle. Looks like it’s copper.
I have only washed about 50 houses, and this is the first I see this.
Any idea what’s going on? How should I respond?

I’d be asking why just one is damaged…

My best guess is I forgot to rinse it…

That’s what I was thinking.

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Price one up - see if it’s worth the debate. Sometimes it’s not :+1:t2:

Thats 100% from your mix.

Those bronze coated handles will oxidize within mins if your using a strong mix.

Never soap those door handles.

And if you do, rinse and wipe down immediately.

Now you need to go back and polish them again.

A little polish and elbow grease will take care of it.

Lesson learned…


Isn’t the decorative layer gone though?

I mean - you couldn’t polish the one on the right…

I use about 0.75%~0.8%.
12.5% to 1/16
Please let me know what you mean by polish and grease?
Polish with fine sand paper? grease with?

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It’s the cheap clear coat… ask me how I know… I would never wash a customer’s door handles but I washed my own and this is what they look like now! Nothing to do but replace.

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Apologize,buy them a set and move on. Your reputation is worth a whole lot more than those door handles.

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Carry you a jar of vasoline jelly. Smear thin coat on hardware. Will protect and then just wipe off when you’re done. I do that on expensive gate hw all the time and I hit it with strong mix sometimes. Protects it from the stain too. Much quicker than taping.


Ugh. Brasso brings back bad memories.

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We always had to use Nevr-Dull in boot camp.


Now that brings me back to the MacGyver days. What a great tip! Once I 1/2 beat up one copper/bronzed door lock set. I pre-wet the door and soap was only on for about 3-4 min but it did start to eat into the finish just a bit…not enough for them to call me back. I tape them now but will throw some Vaseline on the trailer for future.

how many millions of tips like that do you know? :joy:


If it’s Vaseline tips you’re after…

And so it begins.


Sorry to hear, Like already mentioned don’t wash doors!

I had a scare once with a red door, I washed it and it turned white! Scared out of my mind I took a towel and dried it and the color came back… Now I just wipe them down with a micro fiber towel

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