SH and wand

All of my new gear has finally arrived and I want to take it on a little test drive today. I have a small patio are, about 15X20 to clean. The new surface cleaner has 2502 stock tips in it and according to the tip chart my 4gpm machine will drop 4000 psi on the concrete. I’m still waiting on my 25025 tips to tame it down to around 3000 psi so I thought maybe I would do the small area with a wand. If I use a wand will the 3% SH mix get blown all over creation and be not advised? Also, we own the concrete, it’s not a customer, and its old and has root cracks so we don’t really care about etching it. Do you think if I use my SC on it to test the new SC, the 4000 psi will bang it up so bad that there is a good chance of tip clogging? Thanks in advance on these 2 questions.

First, your machine isn’t 4psi. Second, anything over the size of a door mat is to big to clean with a wand. Third, 2502’s are the right size.

If he has a 4 gpm machine then he does want the 25025 nozzles, but that’s 2500, not 3000 psi.

Two reasons you use a surface cleaner, first is speed, second is a consistent clean. Throttle back and do it right, while you’re at it get a pressure guage with a male and female coupler on each end, install it so you always know what your pressure is.

Air cooled machines are designed to run WOT. Gauges are just added friction loss and possible leak points

Yup. Psi gage will be here Monday.

Preach! It wears me out when I see people going inch by inch for even a small area. Slap that SC on there and get it done then cut in the corners. Done.

Thought it didn’t need to be said but yes, doesn’t need to be a permanent fixture. If you have questions put it on and take off.