Seventh Annual New Orleans Networking Event!

If you would like to register for the Seventh Annual New Orleans Networking Event email me at thad@pressurewashingresource.c<wbr>om. The dates are January 24-25, 2014.

We have waaaaay more people saying that they want to come than we have seats so don’t wait around and miss out!

31 seats gone.

How many seats available? Also, what’s a typical event involve for attendees? I’d love to take my wife this coming year since she just started working with the business.

75 is the max, and that includes vendors.

It’s not a trade show or informal stand around and BS type event. It is intensive business-building instruction from successful business owners. I’ll let attendees expand on that if they would like.

If you can go you need to be there. Don’t miss this event. It’s given me so many ideas and motivation.

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

From what I gathered from this year

  1. Wake up
  2. Eat some beignets
  3. Go the the BK house
  4. Learn bunch of stuff/get motivated
  5. Eat Po Boys
  6. Do some more class
  7. Get crunk

Repeat for Saturday.

I didn’t see Trey do #7… Hahah neither did I…

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

You forgot 2.5 See the sunrise over the Mississippi.

whats the price?