Setup to maximize efficiency

Working on ways to speed up jobs. I have a few ideas from my current set up to help save time on each job and in general. One of the things I’m going to do is install a small (one psi) fuel pump 2/3 of the way down into the truck‘s gas tank and run it over to my A.R. 45 softwash system. This way I will not have to keep putting gas in it every two hours and take up valuable space with a 5 gallon metal gas can. Putting the pump in 2/3 of the way down will allow at least a third of a tank of gas to get back to a gas station and not completely run out leaving me stranded. Another thing I’m going to do is I have room for another 55 gallon vertical tank that I’m going to be using for surfactant. If I plan correctly and time it right, I could use a surfactant tank as a mix tank with bleach and surfactant to bring more sh to large jobs (I already have one 55 gallon tank on there for bulk sh). Another thing is that I take my whip hose and gun off of the pressure line when I’m not using it and also my gun off the soft wash line. I’m wondering has anybody found a place to buy or built a gun holder to mount the gun to the side of the hose reel so that I can leave the guns connected and secured when the hose is rolled up? I would like to stop disconnecting and reconnecting to guns every single job.

First, quit disconnecting your hose. If you have a lock on your reel, it will stay in place. If you don’t, buy a better reel. 55 gallons of surfactant is a lot to haul around. 55 gallons will last me months and that is spread out between multiple trucks. Remove the AR45 from your truck and throw it away. You now have more space on the truck and gave up nothing to get it.

Putting the pump in 2/3 of the way down will allow at least a third of a tank of gas to get back to a gas station and not completely run out leaving me stranded.

This is just not a good idea in any reality.

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Pge does the gas tank deal with their equipment to stay efficient. I love the idea because I only have to fill up the truck every day or other day and I don’t need to have to keep refueling the systems .08 gallon tank or put up a bigger gas can and take up more space. Regarding the ar45, if I had that last year I could of done 2-3 times more work, I love it more than the 8gpm pw. I don’t plan on keeping 55 gallons of surfactant, probably only 30 at a time. I don’t like driving around with more than just a little over half a tank because it splashes out. 55 gallon vertical tank except a tiny bit more space in a 5 gallon bucket.

Edit: I should clarify it’s not 55 gallons of surfactant it’s heavily diluted surfactant for the proportioning system. In 30 gallons I will probably be using about 1 gallon of actual surfactant.

I gallon of Elemonator makes 130+ gal of wash mix. I keep 1 gal of EBC, hydroxide, Snotmendae and Elemonator in a milk crate in my truck bed. Between those I can wash about anything unless doing a lot of commercial concrete in which case I load some fivers. Just refill when needed. I keep a pump up with spare gal of wheel cleaner for mud stains, gal of one restore , pump up of Dragon Juice in truck storage bin.


It seems that we go thru a 5 gallon bucket of diluted slo-mo each day. The instructions for Slomo say to do 1/2 gallon of Slomo in 4 1/2 gallons of water to use in the proportioning system. The last time I bought a fiver of Slomo it last me a year. This time would of been about 2 weeks at the rate I was going so I started making it 32 ounces and then filling up the rest with water for 5 gallons total. I put the soap dial at just over 1 which is enough to pull it, seems to go real fast. But then again I’m cleaning real fast now too. Maybe I need to start doing 16 ounces of slow Mo…