Setting up the new rig

Hello all!! So I’m ready to start setting up my rig. All you see here will be included plus a 8gpm cold water unit Scid. And advice or ideas how or where to place things. Also what is the best way to mount the tank?

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You can find alot of videos on youtube on how others have set up their trailers. As for the water tank most place it over the axle.

I would take out the tank and set up the air hockey table in the box!! Lol

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There are so many options. But keep in mind to keep as much weight over the axle…To far back and you’ll get a sway in the trailer when driving. Trailers can be fun setting up… Get a piece of paper and start drawing out ideas. Even set things in there and move them around before you bolt stuff down. Always keep in mind future expansion as well such as adding chem tanks and roof cleaning pumps.

Thanks guys!! Should I mount everything an assemble all the plumbing or allow a pro to do it atleast the first time? I have to drill holes in the tank an would kind of rather a pro do it until I feel comfortable.

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I have built several enclosed trailers. While using the first three, I made notes on what I could do to make improvements. After nine years of taking notes on what worked and about what I thought I could do better, I come up with the ultimate pressure washing trailer. Take a look at these pictures. I can help, give me a call

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I’ve got some serious rig envy. Ln the only thing I would change is the 12v pump mount…turning the pump head down. It safe guards the motor if it were to leak

Read ask questions, and do it yourself. That way if anything breaks down the road you know exactly how to fix it.

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Agree with this completely, although as said above. Make sure your water tank is above the axle as it will be by far the heaviest part of your rig.

Thanks! I’ll mount the tank over the axel. I’ll send picks when I’m done!

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I hope someday soon to have to deal with this issue, good luck with yours.