Setting up an Accumulator

I have a Everflo EF7000 12v pump. Im getting about 15 ft of flow. I bought a flojet accumulater to hoefully get a little more distance but that hasn’t happened. I have connected to the system 200 ft of 1/2" kuri tec hose. Not sure what pressure to set the accumulater at but very disappointed at the distance that im getting. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An accumulator won’t add any more pressure than your pump can put out, it’s used so the pump doesn’t cycle as often.
How old is your battery? Is it fully charged? How many 90’s do you have between the pump and gun? What kind of gun are you using? Do you have a strainer on that dip tube? Are there any restrictions at all in the hose supplying the pump?

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Sorry forgot to answer you. The accumulator should be set at the same pressure as your pump’s “turn on” setting. Should be in the manual

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The battery may be a year old. Its definitely charged. Two 90’s (One coming off the accumulator and where the hose hooks to the reel. A plastic handle that I got from Pressure Tek. I have a filter on the tube that goes in the water but not the bleach. No restrictions that I can see.

I’d start with the easy stuff. Take that gun off and see how the open hose shoots.

It sounds like you are running some kind of proportioner, is that correct? If I was diagnosing the issue, I’d see what difference it makes just running a single supply hose (without a screen) from a bucket of water and a single hose from the outlet of the pump (bypassing the reel), again with the gun off the hose. If you do that and you’re still not getting 7gpm, try it on a different battery. Easy stuff first, Occam’s razor, etc