SEO/Google ad words

Does anyone here have a spread sheet with them that would like to compare or exchange?

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What do you want to share? The key words?


Google gives you the answers… go look at your keyword analytics. Also there’s tons of keyword tools out there that will give you what your looking for.

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I have a list for my cleaning. And a list of key words for pw

I always also like to ask the customers what they typed In while searching

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@Ikii I have not done PPC for my sites (yet) but for SEO, i have a list of keywords that have worked for me in ranking my sites.

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Havet done PPC either.
Will pm you my SEO list.

Google will do that for you :slight_smile:


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Google my business will give very general information. Go into google webmaster and look at analytics


Of course but when I talk to people long tail keyword ideas come up

Is this part of google business? Or is google webmaster something entirely different? I have a lot to learn on the SEO and ad words front. I have a site, but no SEO being done nor using ad words. Guess I need to do some research on both.

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Search Google Console. Log in.

@bc_window_cleaning this will show you what people actually typed in - not just random keywords :slight_smile:

I logged in, but my console looks nothing like yours. I just verified ownership of my site, so it says it will take a few days to compile data. However, my console doesn’t have near the info yours shows for some reason.

That’s the new version of the site - if you look on the left, it will say old version - pick that :slight_smile:

I hate the new version

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Yup, its taking a little to get used to.

Adwords / Ads was even worse. When I still owned 462 they force changed the interface over and my management count was all Express accounts. Took me 2 days to get it straightened out.

Ah, I’ll try that now! Thanks!

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