Sending Regular Flyers via EDDM

This may be old news but I just now heard it when I was at the post office dropping of EDDM:

We were discussing what weights of paper were acceptable for an EDDM piece and the USPS rep said that you can use regular (non card stock) paper as long as it is folded lengthwise. It still costs .16 to mail but you can print and ship a lot more for the same price if that’s something you’re interested in.

Thanks for the heads up Thad.

A good compromise between copy paper and 16 pt Hi Gloss coating both sides is 100 lb gloss cover with AQ coating. Still purty. Still full color, just on a little lighter weight stock.

You wouldn’t have to fold that, would you?

Your local requirement is not a national standard but I can understand why they would want a minimum thickness. Our local service station sends homemade photocopy paper EDDM. Or at least he did, haven’t seen one for a while.

Is the standard. It is not required when the pieces are delivered to the location from which they will be distributed. (your local post office)

Thanks for the info. Thad

Can anyone who is experienced give a step by step process to send out EDDM? Id like to do it but not to sure where to start

Brett I think there is a direct mail manual in the WCRA PWRA store that Michael Mole helped put together. It might answer a lot of questions. I sort of figured out how to do it before I read the manual but if you have any questions I can certainly help I think.
I’m probably going to be at 80,000 pieces this year. That’s a guess my wife’s not here to tell me the real number

Thanks Tim I’ll check it out

How many do you plan on sending out Brett? Do you have your areas picked out yet? Are you familiar with the idea that it is better to pick some areas and repeat mailings to them every several weeks rather than just to send a bunch to one area one time and not repeat?

Has anyone else discovered the joys of speaking into an iPad mini and you can do it without typing while you’re waiting on files to upload? And it types better than I do if I had both eyes open LOL

Looking to send 5000 and yes I got my areas picked out. I would like to send one big batch out and cover all the area I want then hopefully be able to come back with multiples mail outs to the best areas.

My last mailer was the 100lb gloss cover. They took it.

That’s actually what my question was and she mentioned that you could do regular paper if it was folded long ways.

Now I’m wondering if its worth the saving, though. I got a call this morning telling me that all of my services were way too high but his wife was insistent that we take care of everything.

He asked about the mailer and said the only reason that he agreed was because it was very high quality and he was impressed.

I’m not a fan of low quality stuff. It is part of my Analysis Paralysis though. I get stuck on design or cost of quality stock and miss the buss sometimes.

OK don’t laugh. I was about ask what is EDDM. But I Googled it haha. Thanks Tim. Now I need to figure out how to do this. Joining This forum is the best thing I’ve ever done for my business

If you’re a PWRA member just pick a card, edit it (I get Gina to do mine for $50), and use the PWRA print discount program to get awesome quality printing for cheaper than anyone else.

Then pick your routes, fill out a couple of forms, and drop the cards off at the post office.

You make it sound so simple [MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION], and it is for an old head like yourself. But the details can be mind boggling. [MENTION=8034]Baker[/MENTION] don’t be afraid to post up when you have questions.

Joining the PWRA will trump that x 10+. It’s the true line in a successful business— You want to make money in business then you need to spend money in business. Free is great(this bb) but the real deal is spending some coin to make much larger coin. PWRA is probably the best money you can spend to use the benny’s to get your Powerwashing business to definitely hit a higher level then it’s at now.