Sending estimates without speaking to someone first. Thoughts?

Is it a good idea to send a business a estimate without speaking to a representative? I have fax numbers but do not know who is in charge of the maintenance department of the hospital that I am looking to bid.

What i think would likely happen is you send a fax, which is old school anyway, the front desk person would see it and throw it away if it wasnt addressed to anyone specific.

I was thinking of addressing it to the maintenance supervisor but you make a very good point. Its like pulling teeth to try and get any information from the HR department. Lol

So I just got the name of the contact. I will try and reach out by calling. Thank you for the reply I really appreciate it

I’d never fax a quote. I’d get their email though.

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Faxing is pretty old school.

Blows my mind that we still use faxes at all. That technology pre-dates the telephone

I got her email address and I will send it that way. But the question if it is good idea to send one without talking to someone first was left unanswered

I find it unlikely that a large hospital will consider a cleaning job when one is cold called in ( or cold emailed in) I imagine a large cleaning job would have to have been planned for in the budget for it to be considered. But you miss 100% of the shots you don’t make so you might as well try!!

I figured it was a long shot but hell I am motivated so I am willing to give anything a shot.


Talk to someone first.

I’ve been on both sides of that aisle. Much easier to toss aside something that randomly comes in.

Thank you for the feedback I will definitely try to reach out first.

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Those are called unsolicited proposals. I sent them out A LOT to different restaurants when I first started out. Not a fan of them anymore.

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For me I have never ever closed a job over the phone I talk to them in person and always close the deal

Ive been in sales for 20 years and it would be extremely rare to not speak with someone and get that bid. Get name, get info, build rapport and sell your services.

I would start at the top by asking at the main office whom you might speak with. Visit that person and ask if they would consider your offer for services. They might just be waiting for you to approach. Or they might be off budget in maintenance and cannot afford to contract the work. Or they could be preparing for construction and would not waste money to clean an area that will soon be gone. Do not fear asking. Read Zig Ziglar’s books on selling…you’ll get some good tools to sell with.

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With covid and it being a hospital I can’t speak with them in person but I have the contact information. I will definitely look into that book! Thank you for the feedback.