Semi-Retiring... Equipment for sale

I’m downsizing my business so I’ve got a bunch of like-new gear for sale. I broke down my F450 flatbed and selling both PW and SW systems. Shoot me an email if you’d like a list of what’s for sale at


what state/ city?

Got any pics?

The vultures are circling.

I’m pretty sure he has a YouTube channel that had some of his equipment in it.

This it? Neptune Clean - YouTube

Hey Mike,

Sorry I guess that would be helpful. Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Rick,

I’m going to get some better pics today. I’ll send them to you later. BTW I’m in Virginia Beach, VA

Yes that’s true. There might be some views of my big rig on there. I’ll get some pics today and post them

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In your last video, thought you had found some god help and were rockin. They not work out? You’re too young to be retiring.

I just emailed you from
just wanna make sure you get it and that it didn’t go into junk mail. Thanks

Hey Rick,

Yea they worked out for about a month then started slacking. As long as I was there everything went fine. The minute I’m not there I get call-backs. After some careful consideration and analysis, I can make almost as much profit with much less hassle and responsibilities by scaling back and going solo.

I’m probably going to sell the business beginning of next season though. I’ll be 60 next year so I’ve got to find something that keeps me off ladders… lol.

Sincerely, Bill

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Man, you’re a spring chicken. Yep, I’ve gone thru the same thing several times. You really can make almost as much w/o all the headache with a much more flexible schedule.

I’ve got a young kid that helps me part time that’s pretty ambitious. He’s been helping me for over a year and pretty good. Tends to want to oversleep once in awhile but generally comes thru on really big days. He just graduated and doesn’t want to go to college and I’ve talked about him taking over the business in a couple of years. He’s a nice kid and the customers like him. I’ve been introducing him. In another couple of years he will have met all of them. I’d finance everything and help out some with the admin but in 4-5 years he’d be 23-24 and could be making 100k/year with a little work and marketing. That’s gotten his attention.