Selling rig

Hey guys im selling my wash trailer because i physically cant wash anymore and just posting on here for what yall think i could sell it for or if anyone is in or around savannah ga
6x10 trailer
225 gal tank
Double stack hose reel
Single hose reel
300 ft pressure hose
200 ft garden hose
200 ft ag hose
8gpm machine
4gpm machine
12v 5.5 machine
20 inch surface cleaner
Variable pressure wand
Half a xjet have the nozzle don’t know where the hose is
And 4 15 gal batch tanks
10k for everything

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Where are you located?

got distracted by all those pics, didn’t ya? :rofl:

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Savannah ga lol

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Why not just promote yourself to the guy with the coffee cup & the suspenders?

I couldnt put them on if i tried right now lol

You can do it! This is how @JAtkinson washes a house…


Sort of…if you meant the office & desk part :joy:

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How many hours on 8gpm?

I heard you didn’t put a cover sheet on your TPS report, didn’t you get the memo?

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Maybe 150 ish