Selling business includes client list and equipment NW Florida

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Hey there everybody. I am selling my equipment and client list. I am in the NorthWest Florida South Alabama region. My wife and I are moving back to New Mexico to help her aging parents. The details are as follows:

-300+ clients

  • most clients are power wash, roof wash, with some window and gutter cleaning clients.

-names, address’s, phone numbers, emails, sqft of home or building, price from past jobs for customers

-includes many residential clients, commercial clients, churches, hotels, doctors offices, banks, rental condos, property management customers.

-two window cleaning clients that are cleaned twice a month. ($8000 a year)


-6.5’X10’ Utility trailer with a ladder rack (repainted this month)

-pressure pro 4gpm 4000psi belt drive with cat pump

-gp 18" surface cleaner

-Roof wash 12v system with 5gpm Northstar pump with chem resistant heads (also have an un opened spare pump)

-ibc tote

-60 gal leg tank

-30 gal leg tank

-2 gp 300’ hose reels

-200’ Goodyear grey nonmarking 4000psi hose

-all the whip lines, filters, and various other parts that are needed to make the trailer work.


-97,000 in gross since last July.

-I have the more detailed records but will only send them to serious buyers.



Please let me know if you are interested. We are in the Destin, Pensacola, Panama City Beach range. Feel free to call me with any questions at

Tyler Gainey

Lol is it not illegal to sell you customers information???

Not if it is done right. Have you ever bought a lead or an email list. If you have a credit card with a company and a larger company buys them out would they not gain your account including the information associated with it. I am not an attorney however so I may be mistaken.

I believe you are mistaken. You are not selling your business, only your equipment. Selling your customers information seems shady. I wonder what any of them would think if they found out you are attempting to sell it…for $17,000 :joy:

If your business does well consider selling it as a whole. If you don’t want to do that you should change this post you just made to just sell your equipment

How would you sell it then if you were moving?


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I’ve bought and sold plenty of businesses. The customer list is usually the most valuable thing, that’s in essence what you’re buying, (market share) unless there is some proprietary items. The OP should just reword his post to say selling business, includes current customer list.


The proper and legal way to sell this is to sell the business as a whole with through a stock buy out or through a direct purchase. In this deal includes all the assets of the business including equipment and any client list. Might think about a different approach to your selling perspective. I would say it is probably only relevant locally, so you might approach larger washers in your area.


Just sell the business include customer list but at least do the right thing and notify the customers. Your buyer will have a much better chance of retaining the customers. That’s what I did when I sold my landscape company and my seafood business


Thank you, I see what you mean and have reworded it to a more proper approach.

I plan to notify all customers and give a glowing recommendation about the new owner.

Thank you

So I’m thinking about selling what I’ve built up in about a year and going to my next venture, what do businesses usually go for? I’ve heard revenue x2 or even 3 for price ranges. Selling equipment is easy but the business client list I’m not sure how much those go for… any advice would help as research online doesn’t focus much on service. I planned to get a lawyer and my accountant involved in the process when the time comes but that cost money so I’m waiting until then to do it… but any advice I can get here helps big time. I’ve built a dang good rep in my area and part time I’m bringing in more then my full time military… any advice from those that have sold such as @Racer and @Firefighter4hire ?

If you had contracts you might be able to get 2 times, but since yours is primarily whimsical homeowners, I’d be surprised if you got 50% of revenue. May be able to get 2 times net, but even that may be optimistic… Web site and name list worth something, but 98% of the people don’t have the capital for equipment, finding someone to pay much premium at all going to be an issue. Ask @Innocentbystander what he got for all his apartment contracts in states he pulled out of. Plus it would be worth more if you truly had an established business with shops, employees and staff…
You find someone willing to pay 2 times revenue, send them down here. I’d give them all my equipment, lol.


I appreciate the feedback. I have some commercial contracts but I’ll work on obtaining more before for the future