Second house wash this week, anything stand out to you as problematic?

Hey guys so I have my second house wash coming up this week. It seems pretty straight forward just want more experienced eyes to look at it and see if there’s anything I should be concerned with or look out for. It’s vinyl siding minor oxidation in a few areas. I don’t use any high pressure I rinse with my soap tips so hopefully the oxidation won’t be an issue. Not overly dirty but could use a wash. The house is on well water but it’s a deep well they fill there pool with it so water shouldn’t be a problem. I also did a bucket test and it was putting out 5gpm.

Let me know what you think

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Not really, looks pretty straightforward. Do you have a buffer tank?

imaybe do small sections at a time if water was a concern. take longer tho. idk, i haven’t run into that problem and you don’t want mix go dry on windows.

No buffer tank yet ( I know I know ) I live in the area the wells are deep and they use their well to fill their pool so I’m not overly concerned about water. I was planning on doing it in sections anyway just to make sure I take my time and do the best job I can do.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but with black shutters on warm sunny days, I wet them down first, coat the whole side with hw mix, then rinse just the shutters right away. In the past I’ve had hw mix dry on them and it was a pain getting that faint white residue back off. If the sun is beating on them, they can dry in a minute. So then they are getting rinsed twice and I’ve never had another issue.

Also, use a towel to dry off that black door so it doesn’t leave water spots.

can you drop your line into the pool as a buffer? :joy: