Season in review

Hey everybody, just wanted to check in and see how this year went for everyone. It went pretty well for me. Revenue increased by 100%. I added another machine to my truck.

I regret this year not focusing more on newspaper advertising. In this rural area, newspaper is king. There were a few very busy months where I didn’t worry so much about newspaper ads, since I already had plenty of work. It worked out fine financially, but I suspect I could have added at least another 20% to my revenue had I not done that. I talked to the newspaper company and set up monthly bill to just leave my ad in the paper all year round next year.

Anyway, that was my year. How did your year go?

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My year is still going.

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Lucky. It’s getting cold enough up here that DSing 12.5% straight needs several applications. Lol

My YTD is currently up around 30% over last year. After 13 years of self employment, I honestly didn’t think that kind of growth was still possible. But it’s all thanks to doing more power washing and less window cleaning.

I don’t really track my time, but I believe I worked a little less this year vs last year. That’s the sign of real progress, IMHO :laughing:

If November and December turn out exactly the same as last year (which they probably will, since my power washing season is pretty much over now), I’m looking at a ~24% increase over last year over all.


That’s awesome! Forgot about the time investment aspect. I would say my hourly rate was significantly higher this year than last year.

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About the same as last year except Christmas lights will be about 1/4 of the revenue and I worked half as much during PW season. Moving forward pw season will be to support Christmas light season if all goes according to plan.


That’s pretty interesting. Do you enjoy that work more as well?

Nope. But the money is better than PW per house for the same amount of time. The painting company I wash all their houses for paint prep has a few guys he can send me to do all the light hanging, ladder work, roof work, etc. so it moves pretty fast.

Made a few thousand with PW, sunk about half that into equipment. 80% of my income is window cleaning but it doesn’t pay as well per man hour.

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