Sea of Product

So when i go to the WCRA store and look at PW equipment, it is like looking across the vast Atlantic.

Guns, lances, fittings, machines, pumps…etc

I’m inviting anyone to offer some distinctions on any of the product.

Do you have any faves?
Little hidden gems?
Tools that you don’t use much but when you need it, it’s the only one for the job?

Or anything else…?

Very interested to hear your thoughts.


For instance, the Suttner 2315. What makes it better than other guns?

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One thing I absolutely love is my 3m am/fm head set. Blocks out the p.w noise and can hear music at a good volume. I tend to work a little faster to a beat lol


Suttner 2315… Chemical resistant. 90% easier to keep the trigger closed than any other gun on the market. That’s it. :slight_smile:


These are the best friend’s a girl can have. And many an “uncleanable” stain has been removed via these two things. Just used it today to clean the fallout (the greasy stuff your house wash won’t tackle a few rows under the eaves) and a 6 inch rust stain under an exterior faucet. Little things earn customers for life.

Bar Keeper’s Friend also has oxalic acid in it and works beautifully for small rust stains without lightening concrete and other stuff.

XL latex gloves for putting over door knobs, siding outlet trim rings, Ring door bells, etc. No more tape for this guy!


Smart man with the gloves the tape always leaves some type of adhesive behind.

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Three way poly ball valve is a must unless you have an electronic downstream controller. You can mount it anywhere convient for you and easily switch between soap water and degreaser. No more pulling the soap line out out I leave it permanently in my house wash mix bucket now.


What!!! This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve read today… You just run 3 tubes and you can shut off one at a time?

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Your giving Squid the prickly heat… Man don’t tell him about the electric valves and remote control…


Lol the prickly heat… I heard they’re finicky and somewhat inconsistent? Not the case?

Yeah, i feel the same way when i go to the powerwash store… seems i can never easily find what im looking for, and tons of filler products fill up the search results. It’s pretty popular, so i guess most people like it, but that was just my impression from a few times of using it… might change my mind if i used it more, i suppose.

Pressure Tek’s website is probably my favorite site for ease of navigation and not having to wade through tons of filler stuff.

I have used a remote to run\turn the 12 volt pumps on off, but I never used the valves… To control the water. Never really had a need to. Sorry I can be much help with that.

@AquaTeamPowerWash I was looking at setting about the same 3way valve setup, but I was looking at something so I can leave the hose in my hw mix and then add a hose to my water tank so it will pull clean water through my injector while I rinse when I’m using my soap tip to rinse.

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Pretty sure that’s what that does. One outlet goes to the injector, the other two pull from either your soap bucket or your water tank. So soap like normal, then switch to water to rinse with low pressure and flush out the injector.

Yes sir. Imagine walking in and out of an enclosed trailer pulling soap lines… That thing gets hot as shit in there haha. So now I have the line routed to the door and then back to the buckets.


Just like @tireshark said same concept. One of my favorite things is when doing alot of wood work I have both batches made up ready to go. Once done with the cleaner I switch to the brightener and then close it off to rinse.

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Cool stuff so far.

What else?

These little reusable twist ties. I have every size imaginable from the giant ones for keeping the ladders on the rack. (I use a cable lock on the back. These on the front.) little ones for hanging stuff on other stuff.
This little vise gets used all the time.
This anti corrosion spray was developed by a warlock somewhere because it’s amazing.
Bug spray.
Spring clamps for putting on tarp edges. Makes it easier to throw the tarp over things with the added weight. Clipping rags to brushes. Keeping tubes in buckets. Etc.


How do you keep your tools from rusting so much? Most of my tools are hard to use now.

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They get soaked overnight in vinegar when the get bad, but I haven’t to do it in 3 months because of this anti corrosion stuff from blaster.

Go to YouTube and search Squid’s Pressure Washing LLC rust prevention. I posted a video about it.

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