Screened enclosure type of mix


It’s florida. They’re all over the place.


Interesting, thanks.


You better get your methods down because sooner or later you’re going to run into one like this.


Dang…where in Tampa was this??? I’m guessing this one was a decent payer.


Dang that is a biggin


Are bugs that bad in Florida that screen enclosures are that popular?


The misquotes here will cary you away. Most people consider there screen room outside. 90 percent of the residential homes we do have screen rooms


In South Jersey the mosquitos and nats can get bad but it’s usually at dusk and dawn during summer. There are screened in porches but no screened in pools.


“Nothing to fear but fear itself”, Ghengis Kahn


WHY does this thread continue? Questions asked AND answered.


“Time waits for no man” Pennywise the Clown.

I’m just picking on @florida_condo_cleani for his “misquotes” lol


Nice quotes. The mosquitos here in New Orleans are ridiculous.


“Don’t fear the reaper” Tom and Dickie Smothers


You and I are the only ones here old enough to know the Smothers brothers lol


Except for @Racer. He might be their great uncle


LOL, you’re funny today.


Ha! Loved that show. And Goldie Hahn was HOT!


She still is! Few remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In


Who remembers Love American Style? With guests like Charles Nelson Riley, Ruth Buzy, Paul Lynn and Phyllis Diller.


WHEW, now THERE’S an obscure blast from the past.