Screened enclosure type of mix


I have a screened enclosure and patio to bid on a town home this afternoon can’t be very big but I’m wondering what kind of mix would you guys use on a screened enclosure


About 2%, dwell 3-5 minutes, rinse rinse rinse.


Housewash mix works just fine. .05 percent. Apply let it sit them reapply areas that are not clean yet. Then rince everything


this is what it looks like


That’s looks like a normal screen room. Housewash will be fine . We do it every day. Including today.
Just use your soap nozzle



If you have a back pack blower you can blow those leaves off from the inside without making a mess of the house


Customer said remove bottom and get leaves out she will replace them at a later date


Just use a blower or medium pressure nozzle several feet from the screen. That’s something your going to run into a lot . Your better get used to it and be ready most people will not except screen damage or replacement just to clean the cage


I have a jrod


Honestly man I don’t care what you call your private’s :grinning:


Seriously shouldn’t my jrod be safe or should I wrap it up lol


I cannot answer that in a an adult way sorry


Can you answer it in a professional manner


Yes your Jrod should do the trick. I sometimes stand back with a large zero degree nozzle to get pine needles out


You have stolen content on your website and you are worried about someone else answering a stupid question being "professional "?


I’m working on my site now trying to change some things around in Newton all this and I jumped the gun on uploading it


Just out of curiosity, is that porch screened in on the roof? First I’ve ever heard of that.


Pool enclosure


What keeps branches/heavy rain/hail from punching holes in it?

Must be in a really mild weather part of the country?