Schools, Certs, Awards etc


States require a license to be a realtor, CPA, dentist or what ever. So the state forms a board or an out side organization / association is consulted who basically through money and influence advise and or dictate guidelines for the state. Then the classes, certifications, fees and regulations begin.
Board of realtors for example. Got to pay money to take a course, then got to pay money to take a test, then you pay for a license. But you can’t sell a home on your own, no no no, you have to work for a broker and get only a third or less of the commissions because the broker gets the bulk, so you take more courses, pay more fees and take more tests, and after a couple years then you become a broker. And on and on it goes. I don’t know why it is so hard for people to understand the chain of control and oppression. Back to the realtor, now along with all that comes more paper work because the guys in charge keep adding regulations and codes and certifications… The poor home owner can’t understand why it cost so much to buy a house…


Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it won’t. You just answered your own question. Orginizations got together and pressed the law makers and now you have all that crap to jump through, so lets add more certifications and courses and when you get enough letters behind your name you can clean a drive way. But you’ll be grandfathered in. Your kids won’t - or someone new wont. They will have to take all the tests and get all the certifications and work,for someone until the board says they are finally good enough to do it on there own… Oh but by then instead of 8 grand to start up a company it will take 50 grand. Have any doubt about this just look at Taxis in NY city. Easist job in the world… Drive a car… And it can be yours if only you had the money to buy a medallion…


You don’t really know what you are talking about. My wife is one of the top realtors in our area so I know that 1/2 of this isn’t even true. You have a general understanding how the process works but the things I mentioned have nothing to do with having a state license or becoming a broker. What I posted above are extra certifications that realtors get to become more of a expert in certain areas, just like our industry certifications.


I do know what I’m talking about. My wife is/ was a realtor and in order to sell a home she had to work for a broker, the broker gets the commission, they pay the realtors. Can’t be a broker until xxx years as a realtor and you got to get those certifications. At least that is the way it is here in My. She also ran the office (office manager) for board of realtors in Blount county TN and it was the same thing.
Here in NY you don’t need an auction license to sell personal property, well except for in the city they have certification requirements for everything… But the board of realtors had a fit so now we can no longer action property unless the auctioneer is a realtor and you guessed it he has to go through a broker… That just added another 6 to 8 percent to the purchasers bill.
So before you tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe YOU should actually acquire these licenses and certificates and try your hand at this stuff instead of relying on second hand information. Then once you see all the greed, headaches and the rising costs this stuff causes, you can come back and tell me I’m full of BS.


Apparently you don’t read the entire post when I respond because you must have missed the part where I said my wife is currently one of the top real estate agents in our area. I know what I’m talking about. My wife didn’t sell real estate back when dinasours roamed the earth, she does it currently, like today. That’s not exactly second hand information.


Ok. Sell real estate. Buy a lot of certifications and letters to put behind your name. Wash dirty stuff? Just go spray water and clean stuff. Win win. Now you 2 knock it off. I sound like Steve or tireshark now. Goid gracious. Seev what y’all have done. If we leave this thread awesome will just talk to himself for awhile and then it will be over.


Haha, well, that’s it for me for awhile anyway. Im just killing time in the Nashville airport waiting for a flight to Vancouver, then on to Taiwan for 2 weeks.


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Yes. My oldest son lives here and we came to visit.


Looks warm. It’s 11 degrees here in the “sunny south” U.S. this morning. Enjoy your visit!


Niiiiicccçeee… Was there in the. 70’s

70s a couple times while in the service. They, or our Navy, just built a hugh base or set of piers. So the place was hoping with activity at the time… It really was a great port of call.


It’s pretty busy still, like a human beehive.


Thanks! It was raining all day and 71, a nice break from the 19 degree weather we left behind. Although we stayed in Canada overnight on the way here and it was -35 below in Toronto.


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