Schools, Certs, Awards etc


I am okay with that. You said I was doing something that was unethical or whatever. Just because I choose mold removal and you hate that for whatever reason. You said I was doing something wrong with the badges I believe and now here is proof that I read the book and am running with what the author said.

Decades? Decades in business is cool and everything. I know people who have worked in things for 20+ years but refused to keep up with the times. Kind of like @Innocentbystander calling websites a phase.

@Sharpe nice attempt at provoking me. You are obviously a troll and stepped into this thread only to troll.




I keep getting drawn in. You lying and saying I am against mold remediation and you lying and saying I said badges are wrong is an example of why we are tired of you. You can’t just make up comments and numbers and expect people to respect you. Truly, hopefully done now lol




Yes sir


No one invited that @Sharpe carnie into this and he can keep his ICP jinco wearin, faygo sippin, clown makeup ass out of our adult conversation.



Lets see… My generation invented computers and cell phones and oh um lets see… that little thing called the net… So you should really calm down and try to keep up. You have a lot to invent and build before you can keep up with us…


Look man I like a good meme just like everyone else, but can we please not ruin another thread like we did with that guys trailer.


Your generation invented something and that’s cool. Stop stealing credit for things others have done. You are no Tim burners lee and nether am I.

Keep talking about certifications and your distaste for them and I will keep talking about why I think you are wrong. Like adults, We can all agree to disagree. Or is that above the elitist here?


See the thing is, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about disagreeing with someone.

Some people can disagree with others in a tactful manner, that doesn’t push any buttons too hard, or make you look like a doofus doing so.

Then there’s you.


It’s hard to listen to people who are so ignorant of marketing speak something that is false as being true. They would do the same things if I made such ignorant statements about pressure washing and have in the past.


Refer to my previous comment.

Social Skills 101 is now closed for the night.


The difference between me and you? I worked in the marketing and advertising field for over 25 years and was very successful at it. The publishing houses I worked for did, yellow pages, direct mail, magazines, newspapers, t.v. ads, telemarketing /fund raising campaigns, coupons and of course all types of internet ventures… While I was managing those divisions I managed to operate businesses (yes plural) of my own.
Unlike you my activities and employment are well documented…
So how many companies have you run? How many have you owned? How many have you sold for a profit? Man only having experience is a real bummer, but its all I got. I feel so inadequate. How am I going to make it in this new world?
I need a hug and a basement


Yeah, but the definition of certified is pretty subjective. Also, even if instead of certificates they gave out shiny stickers that said ‘Trained in roof cleaning by Shinglepants Mcgillicutty’, it would be the same dillema… the ‘non-trained’ against the ‘trained’.

It’s a tricky thing to resolve, but i hear what you are saying… a person that is ‘certified’ is often perceived as being more capable than someone who has many years of good work and satisfied customers behind them… which is often not the case.

P.S. It’s cool to argue, but dont let that doofus rattle you. We are only 3 days into the new year… gotta choose the battles wisely, so the knickers last all year without getting all wadded up too bad. :grin:


Nothing beats walking out with a certificate after literally pigging out


Usually when people were certified it was on a piece of equipment that some company made. Since the company would only sell its equipment or parts to their “certified” vendors, it would mean something to be certified . for example I couldn’t work on an Amana radar range if I wasn’t certified because I couldn’t by replacement parts. But I was still Trained to work on appliances… So now people aren’t Trained anymore. They just get Certified they have no working knowledge or hands on experience but they say they are professional because they are certified.
A great example of this is Google ad words. You could take a course and get Certified for Google AdWords pretty easy. They certified all kinds of people. Next thing ya know we got tens of thousands of “professionals” that know All About the Marketing and Advertising professions. Problem is they know nothing of the sort… Reality is they only barely scratched the surface on how to position people in Google search…
Do badges and emblems and certificates work? Of course they do if you present them and market them correctly, but so does knowledge experience and people skills… The difference is. When a customer hires the guy with out the knowledge and experience he is at much higher risk of something going wrong or the job being done incorrectly etc… Professionals have on going training year in and year out. Im 60… I’m still learning. Will be to the day I die. Lucky for me I have the experience and knowledge to decent when something new is a waste of time or it is something that can be incorporated into my life/biz… It takes a while to get to that point. Some people never reach it.
By the way AWE2 Dosent rattle me, I just pass on what I know to be true… If he or anyone else does not like my advise/opinion they are free to discard it. No skin off my knuckles.


I’m not talking about passing your license test, I’m talking about stuff like this:

  • Accredited Buyer’s Representative® / ABR®
  • Accredited Land Consultant / ALC.
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member / CCIM.
  • Certified International Property Specialist / CIPS.
  • Certified Property Manager® / CPM®
  • Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager / CRB.
  • Certified Residential Specialist / CRS.

None of these are required by any state so why do realtors travel and spend money to take classes and pass tests given by their own industry so they print these certifications next to their name?

These certifications are basically the real estate equivalent of our own industry certifications. They are made up by an organization who’s board decides the standards and then people pay to attend classes and take tests for the right to use the designation. What’s the difference?


Can you explain this in more detail? Ever since I started power washing I have heard of people crying that certain organizations are going to mess around and get us regulated. Well, in 14 years I haven’t seen it yet. Where is all this regulation that we’re all supposed to be so afraid of? We already have a clean water act. We have to abide by the DOT, the EPA, The IRS, OSHA, and whole bunch of state and local regulations, everything from noise ordinances to where you can put up a sign. So just where is this “industry suppression” supposed to come from? What regulation?


Research what the orgs did to contractors in Houston and Orange county CA. I don’t care if folks want to get a cert or sticker. Just don’t support the villans that ate using and abusing the contractors to sell reclaim and further personal interest