Schools, Certs, Awards etc


i hope so because if that’s the case i’m about to take over this area.


Sounds great, let me know how many competitors you run out of business.


They do it because the STATE says they have too.
When a governing body determines you need it they set up a board and a system which you then would have to follow. If it is a new license for an exhausting industry, then usually those that have been in business for a while get grandfathered in. When I was in FL I got grandfathered in as a plumber. When I moved to TN I had to take the test as they did not have reciprocity. Here in NY the state lets the towns decided if they should have a board and require a license… Usually the 1 or 2 big plumbers pressure there mayor and city council to do it. Then what do you know, they are now on the board and dictate the rules to everyone else. So now you can’t just open a company like they did. You have to work xxx years the get a journeyman, then work xxx years to be able to take the masters… So the people that started the “club” make tons of money and keep the competition way down. Unions, the board of realtor etc etc are making tons of money off this …


That is what the pressure washing contractor in Maryland has been pushing for. People assume the best and are getting screwed by the very people collecting their dues


Steve’s point wasn’t really about why realtor’s get certificates, it was about whether or not the public responds positively to certificates.

If the public responds positively to them – which i’m not a marketing major, but i wouldnt see why not – then realtors would probably get certificates, even if the state didnt require them… just like every other profession that isn’t required to have them.


Customers respond to a lot of things. Most people call 2 contractors regardless of certification. Rhe one or 2 I miss that MAYBE didn’t call because I don’t put up something about certification is really not anything to cry over. Like I said the few that have mentioned it hired me anyways . to assume you don’t market well because you don’t use them in your material is just wrong. Lots of people use kids and pretty women in marketing… Are we all dunce’s because we don’t? Are,we all stupid because we don’t use sex in our ads? To me the suppression of an industry by regulating it and certifying people in it FAR outweigh the miniscule benefits of a couple people you pick up a year in marketing… Like they say be careful what you ask for and what you promote because it can severely effect your livelihood in a negative manner.


I have to say that his is some messed up stuff. Not sure why you need to work under someone for years. Maybe there was accidents in the past? I am very uneducated on this subject.


Unless you have a/b testing results then you are using a your feelings as facts, Would you like me to link to various a/b testing results on conversion rates and these certification/trust badges?

These trust badges/certifications help customers pull the trigger and say yes to you. It’s about trust and it’s one less reason to say no. I use these with a 100% satisfaction guarantee where I will refund 100% of their money if they have a problem with the work that I can’t fix.

Please tell me how you plan compete with the guy offering 100% satisfaction guarantee, a few certifications, associated with some repeatable sources, BBB a+ etc. Tons of professional marketing materials, folders with before and after photos, and a solid answer / paper print out answering almost every question they can ask, uniforms, etc.

Lowering your price and trash talking certifications is how you compete? That is your marketing plan?

Also, my customers are almost always their first call. Make a huge impression and they wont call anyone else. If they want to call other people you can easily start pulling out certifications and mention your 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Man 10 posts ago you were making up figures about 40% higher rates than your competitors. Your creds are shot here for awhile.


Just because you don’t believe me does not make it a false statement.

Review everything I have said in the last post. It is a logical way to look at it. Would you like links to the a/b testing studies?

You can be anti whatever you want, but that does not stop the fact that the method I stated works. It’s even mentioned in the window washers marketing guide. You want me to find the pages for you? Are you calling the author a liar? I took his advice and ran with it.


Also when that guy starts trash talking the competition and they do decide to consult with a company like mine, I have the easiest rebuttal for him saying my certifications mean nothing. I simply say this

“Contractor is saying these certifications mean nothing and is talking bad about them, how do you feel contractor will respond when you have a complaint? We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a money back refund. We can offer this because our work is the highest quality. We have the certifications, pictures, and testimonials to prove it. This is your choice and we hope you choose us.”


What you dont have is many years of experience, which someone like Greg does. That’s the counter.

This is an age old debate… new and certified vs. old and experienced. One isn’t necessarily better than the other.


Eh, personally, i’m not really saying that. I’m saying that theres not really a downside to it… it either does nothing or helps. So if you dont have any personal objections to certificate programs, it’s a good marketing move… if you do, then there’s nothing wrong with not participating.

I understand your point about stuff like this leading to overregulation, but at the same time I’m not sure how you can have structured educational programs without it eventually leading to that situation, more or less.

Im curious, how would you resolve no certificates alongside training programs? Do you think people should offer training programs, but then not give anything to those that complete them? Should the contractors that complete those training programs not advertise that they have done so?

I’ve thought about it for 5 minutes, and nothing jumped out at me. That’s about my limit on deep thinking for the day. :grin:


He may have the years of experience. That is all he has. Is one better than the other, the answer is yes. I will have two years experience and the ability to seem more creditable. Here is my counter argument.

“Contractor does have years of experience, but with all things, technologies and techniques change. We are recently trained in the latest technologies and equipment. Our certifications prove we are doing things correctly and comply with state and federal laws. Are you sure Contractor can claim the same?”


You I can comverse with lol. The other is like talking to the ikii guy. We need @Tim4 to make new stickers for all of our trucks :smile:


Will they say “refuses to accept peer reviewed studies and use feelings as facts”


#1 I don’t lower my price, don’t know where you got that from
#2 don’t trash talk anyone to a customer, just tell them,the truth and show them in my phine how people buy their certification.
#3 I have a warranty but more importantly I stand behind it and have the years in business to prove it.
#4 Did I say years in business, I’m,sorry I ment DECADES in business.
#5 I have never joined the BBB that’s a bigger scam than certification.
#6 I have\ was printing and testing promotional material and advertising since before you hit Jr high school. I have ran more blind ads then you could ever dream of, Are you kidding me
#7 I have been networking over 30 years, with real people and real business. Not fake FB friends and made up companies on the net.
I could go on but you just don’t get it there’s more to


You know, making up comments like that loses more credibility for you. I have not said anything like that. In think I’ll be happier to go back to ignore you mode. Our pwra group had hoped for change in you with your return. Goid luck in your endeavors


There’s a reason one is called certified and the other is called training… Think about it for a while… Start with pulling out a good ole dictionary… Words are important

And I didn’t say that to imply you are not smart… People tend to throw around words and phrases lightly