School work

Had anybody ever done any surface work on a school property before. I just spoke with a principal today and I’m trying to think of which route to take with it. Thanks

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

If its anything like NJ, they MUST go with lowest bid if it is over $500.00

All the public schools are on a yearly contract here and it’s dirt cheap. Something like a cent a square foot.

Nice, thanks that’s what I figured. If they’re cutting budgets for teachers most likely they’re cutting budgets on pressure washing. Thanks for the feedback guys.happy holidays

Nick @ Gate City Pressure Washing G’Boro

We do a little bit for the local school system. We’ve spot washed areas of the elementary and high schools as needed and wash the board office every fall. I’ve bid several other projects, but they just aren’t happening. Ive been told that the janitors are responsible for keeping the exterior cleaned during the summer months.

We have done it and I agree it is bottom dollar work.

We’re on a project for a local high school at this moment. Should take about 200 machine hours. Not much profit in it…