Scammer online right now

I have a scammer talking me right now on messenger. 6:10 pm 1/19/18
Give me your best ways to mess with them. Go

Get a call back #

Well she had ear surgery and can’t speak on the phone right now.
She is in Dallas and I’m in Houston. Didn’t bat an eye at a trip charge.

Just quoted her 2900 for a house wash. Lol

She wants to pay 3000 instead. Just wants my address and name to put on the cheque.
Yes spelled that way.

Thats great. They are so nice to over pay and only need all your banking info.

Ask if she had operation in both of her ears?

She just asked me for a favor. Uh oh.


You scored! Charge the money!

Hahaha and we get 2 - 4 calls a day from those idiots

It’s ridiculous. But entertaining. The first one at least. It will get old.

Get them all the time, for residential cleaning.
Ask them that you can process cc through paypal…they will say no.

I was looking at a trailer on Craigslist “in Arkansas”. It was a steal at $1500, because it was $3000+ all day… so I contact this guy via email and he starts to explain to me over email about how his son died in a bike wreck and this trailer was his son’s hauler for shows and stuff. Gets pretty graphic. I’m speechless.


He explains that he is in Utah and will pay for shipping to me. Blah blah blah, it’s a scam.

Dude, he fabricated a story about his “dead son”. What is the internet coming to…

Wouldn’t ball valve you if you were on fire :fire:


What a great line!

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