I received a call earlier from this # (703) 891-4620
Lady introduced herself as an attorney representing Peter Johnson. He claims to have invested in my company… Blah bla blah. I hung up and she called right back. She said we seem to have been disconnected. I said yeah, I hung up as I don’t have time for your crap. Anyone else have anything like this happen?

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Wow, can’t say I’ve ever heard anything like this from a scam point of view. Can you explain more of the “blah, bla, blah?” What was she asking from you? Is this “Peter Johnson” suing you?

I haven’t heard back but I think it’s like a shake down type scam. Seeing as I don’t know anyone from VA let alone a Peter Johnson and I haven’t borrowed or asked for a dime for my company from anyone, I would say it can’t be anything but a scam. Basically she said he claims to have invested in AquaTek Exterior Cleaning and I didn’t let it get passed that point. I put an ad on Craigslist a while back so that’s probably where they got my information. All sorts of scam artist troll that place. But it seems like someone is always calling to sell me something or whatever since I’ve started my own business. I even got an invoice from some company in CA saying I need to pay them to update my employee information center! Funny, I don’t have one or any employees lol

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If they call back tell them that your business is having some financial difficulties and that the creditors are requesting information from all investors and since he claims to be an investor you would like to pass on his current contact information.

Lol! I’ll remember that man! That will be hilarious!!!

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Peter Johnson??? LOL. Was his middle initial a D? Gotta give them credit for such a great name.

Yeah, I caught that as soon as she said it! LOL