SC Nozzle selection for lower PSI machines

So, I have a cheapy 18” Ridgid surface cleaner I use for the very rare sidewalk or patio I’m asked to do.

My question is, will going with 15° nozzles instead of 25° improve the performance at all with my 5.6@2500 machine? And any advice as to using 3.0’s versus 3.5’s?

I know I need to pre and post treat to get adequate results with my setup. Just want the pressure to be doing some of the work, lol.

Nope, stick with the 25’s and walk slow. 3’s will actually help you some.


I run 3.5’s in my 5.5 but I’m @3500. Since your @2500 I would probably go with the 3’s.


@SurfaceMedic happy late birthday

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Huh? If his pump is generating less pressure, why would you recommend a SMALLER orifice? His machine is going to max out at 2500 PSI with the 3.5 tip. If you put a smaller tip on there, it’s just going to restrict flow.

Thank you sir!

Because the smaller nozzle will produce more pressure. And since he is only @2500 he will max it out but you also have to take in consideration friction loss and the loss of actual pressure so he’s probably not even getting 2500 at the nozzles. So I would run a smaller nozzle to maximize as much pressure as he can since he is only going to get what his machine will put out. Just my two cents. Some may disagree, but this is my thought process anyway.