SAMs club bid?

Hey guys I just got contacted from a property manager that has 26 SAMs marts that need to be cleaned monthly. Never bid anything this large. Just wanted to get your thoughts? I will be traveling tomorrow to check some of the stores out. Should I discount it a bit due to the amount of stores? Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Oh and the water must be reclaimed!

Discount no… it cost $ to travel.

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I know when Wal-Mart was taking bids a few years ago for all the Central and North Florida stores, the company had to have a reclaim unit. If this is something you can take on, getting Sams would probably set you up to eventually bid your regional Wal-Marts.

Are that 26 Sam’s covering all of Georgia?

A lot of the stuff is built to spec, so a Sams here in MN is basically built on the same sqft platform as a Wallmart or Home Depot.

When i do larger proposals like this, i try and just look at each of them as hourly work as opposed to rolling and measuring each one. Roll a couple just to make sure, but when i bid these hourly we are right around .10-.15 per sqft. Sometimes it works out so its higher, but if i can stay in that range, im happy

That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m gonna look at a few today and do more of an hourly rate. Thanks guys.

Did you get them? Who do they use as their NSP or Property Manager?

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.10-.15 with reclaim? Really?

I don’t use reclaim…

Guy, I totally missed that at the end if the original post.

to clarify, the pricing I gave was for straight concrete cleaning, no reclaim.

Thanks guy :slight_smile:

I just turned the bid in Friday. These are actually Sam marts!!! A complete misread in the original email on my part. These are gas stations. Still a good bit to be cleaned.