Sample pack from

I requested their sample pack and it came in a nice folder with a variety of different types or cards and flyers with the exact type of paper and finish printed on each piece for easy comparison.

Get yourself one!

Got myself one a while ago when I was ready to order biz cards. Easy way to compare.

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Got print is awesome have been using them for 3 yrs now

I use them too. Beautiful quality and best price I have been able to find. Half the price of Staples and less than this forum.

I’ll say it again- the only thing better than Gotprint is Gotprint at PWRA prices!

Just ordered my sample pack.Thanks Thad for the info on this.:cool:

Gotprint has been great. Been using them for a couple years now.

I have been a broker for got print for a while. Great quality. Also a broker for another as well. Some items better priced or exclusive.

You can view PWRA member print prices here compared to got print… It comes from got print any way:)

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