Sample cleaning sealed the deal

1st thing 1st ~ great big Thank You to everyone out there contributing to this awesome site, a wealth of info!
Something I learned here & exercised today… Went out for a quote, met with home owner, discussed scope of work etc, then gave him my offer.
He asked immediately if I could come down in my price. I reassured him of my meticulous work, insurance and the like, not budging on price…Gave him a written estimate & kept the conversation flowing.
I soon began to feel I was losing the bid… so I offered a sample cleaning to show him just how well & safe my work would be for his home.
That was the deal breaker! I’ll be cleaning his place later this week.
Never would have had the confidence or smarts to follow through if I hadn’t read, studied & read more from all of your experiences here.
Thanks again!


Congrats. Best of luck @Anne1111

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Thanks Max1 :smiley:

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I quote all over the phone and have never done a demo. Work on your sales pitch over the phone and save some gas money / time :slight_smile:
Congratulations btw

Yes, residential HW

Thanks, as a newbie, I think I learn more if I have the availability to quote in person, I’m better @ ad-ons while I’m there, for now anyway.
I like using Google Earth for phone quotes if in-person is not an option. Often though the house has more issues than the customer presents on phone. Guess I’ll get better @my initial call questions. It’s all a learning experience. Thanks!


Demo a waste of time… good for you and the job, but if your showing up to demo at every house that will be a lot of time wasted.

Hopefully it was just a pump sprayer and garden hose and not getting set up for a minute of work.

Great job salvaging the sale. Demo’s are an excellent sales tool if the job warrants it, probably more so on commercial, but considering you’re just starting, you do what it takes. Good luck on the job and look forward to seeing your progress in this industry.


Well said Rick. If I could like this twice, I would.


It works pretty well when just starting out and you don’t have many prospects just yet. I wouldn’t want to do it when the phone starts ringing more often.

Oh for sure… im not hating.

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Thanks @Racer. Yes, I actually had prefilled spray bottles left over from a commercial job request already in trailer. ( mix for efflorescence, rust & HW) As you mentioned, only went the demo route in hopes of securing job acceptance. No, I do not do demo’s regularly. His property is on corner of busy street in shore resort and “shore” wanted to see my yard sign on this street for next week or so.
It worked for this time.
Thanks everyone for your responses, much appreciated!

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