Salt damage

So I cleaned my roof a couple of weeks ago, now my wife says I killed her roses and grass around the down spouts. I rinsed the roof ,but even if I didn’t wouldn’t the salt have cane down with the rain and caused the same damage . Or would it have been more diluted. It got me rethinking this washing roofs in my retirement gig.

You should have bagged the down spouts while applying the chems.

This would have prevented the initial shock to the vegetation.

Lesson learned.

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Yes bag or divert the downspouts. Also apply gypsum pellets by the downspouts.

Tarps are helpful too. Just dont leave the shrub covered for more than 15 minutes as it can create a green house effect and damage the shrub

Thanks . I sprayed bleach on some weeds first to see what the result would look like . It turned them yellow and they died. These roses and stuff was a slow filtering death . That’s why I thought salt cause that dries the plant out . I kept an eye on the down spouts as I sprayed my mix there was very little and I diluted as it came out. Had no yellowing of grass there just wilting . I bought some gypsum pellets, I’ll bag and I’ll divert the run off .My step mother wants me to do her roof and she has lot of plants for me to kill.


Helps to RINSE before and after you use SH as well.


On a side note, my wife has a salt water fish tank so she has a device that reads salt level . I took a sample of the first rinse water coming off the roof and it was 3 times what is in her tank . Might be why they say dilution is the Dilution .

Dilution is the solution to all our pollution. Is how the saying goes.


Yea that’s what meant, but it didn’t type out that way.

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