Safety Protection ...?

What do you guys use to protect your eyes from the SH?

—Currently I am using

-3M respirador
-plastic gloves

Considering how I plan to be working in the field for the next 20+ years, FULL protection is necessary in my eyes.

Is there anything you experienced cleaners are wearing to protect the body?

Are we talking downstreaming or 12v strength?

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12v baby

If u want/need full eye protection then get full eye protection…
To me that’s an air fed mask.
Unless I’m doin crazy stuff I get away with sunnies.

Full face visor.

@AUSSIE do you own or have you used a full air fed system? What are you general opinions about these?

When you wear sunglasses how do you abound the mist and splashes that inevitable get past?

@jcfin are there any full face visors tried and true you could recommend?

I use a breathing respirator only,with good goggles when I’m polishing and grinding aluminum to prep for polish. A full face respirator gets to foggy and hot for me ,throws my equilibrium off to do my task @ hand. When I’m washing, I wear eye protection only.

@Hotshot you stated it perfectly, equilibrium is too far off to safely use a ladder or walk on roofs (in my experience as well)

A full face mask that doesn’t fog or throw off equilibrium is what I need.

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You find one,let me know

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Check out Drager xplore 8000, pricey but doesn’t fog, and is light. I have the hood model for spraying 2 pack paint and house interiors and the helmet accessory for roof cleaning and spraying.
Where I live is very humid at times and this makes wearing respirators and paper masks almost impossible due to moisture saturation.
I battled that for 15+ years before taking the plunge and getting a Drager.
Regarding dealing with mist getting past sunnies,
If it occurs due to wind etc I just blink a few times and try not to do it again.