Rust removal

Just want to see how many people are using oxalic for rust removal and what’s the mixture your using? I found a good product locally but it runs for $10-$15 per gallon. Typical driveway here would require at least 8 gallons which drives the price up to $80-$120 without including labor. Was looking for a way to save my customers money and keep their driveways looking it’s best. F9 is a little too pricey for here and the oxalic seems cheap depending on what the concentration would have to be.

I buy it by the 50lb bag. I roll with 8-10 Oz per gallon.

I also carry f-9, but 80% of the time oxalic works just fine.

Have you tried it at a strong ratio? I may do it that way and keep a case of the stuff I get from my supplier for the stains the oxalic won’t remove. That stuff is like magic… It’s just just cost effective for every day use and I don’t want to scare customers away from the service with a high price.

I have up to 1lb/gallon,at that point you really aren’t getting anywhere further. The only rust stains I usually have a problem with are heavy battery rust or stains from cast iron/steel furniture on concrete.

Most of the time it’s just generic irrigation rust on concrete or vinyl. The only time oxalic struggles with that is on poured walls that are porous.

F-9 or rust removel plus from . I have tried neither so looking for personal experience with both.

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