Rust Removal - F9 Amount

Hey folks, I’m not going to be that guy and ask how much would you charge, but I’m curious of y’alls opinion of how much F9 BARC it would take to tackle this rust. Any thoughts?

Not sure on an amount need the sq ft. I’d be more curious to know what caused that rust.

Your looking at 400-600 sq a gallon depending on dilution ( they say you can get 800 out of a gallon but I never have). 40 bucks a gallon if your lucky minus shipping so you might wana give powder ox a shot before spending a fortune.

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Probably on a well with sprinklers


Makes sense

Im pretty sure you would need efflo not barc.
I would ask craig on facebook. Ive seen a lot of driveways here with that stuff not on well water. I decided a while ago its not something i feel like messing with. It becomes an expensive restoration job, thats not always spray on collect check.

County GIS info shows the water supply comes from the county and not a well. It seems to be hit or miss with rust like this around here.
Main reason I asked is I’ve done some rust removal, but not a lot. Was hoping I wouldn’t have to reapply too many times. Thanks all

I can’t help you with an amount you would need, but I did talk to Craig the other day about a similar project I’m working on (maybe a little worse) and his response was to hit it with 15:1 grounds keeper and then do the barc treatment. You might not need the grounds keeper since yours isn’t as bad as mine, but definitely a barc job. That looks to be a pretty good size area or areas. I’m sure you could go with some ox and save some money, but I’ve had good results with F9 products so that is what I am going with. I just charge a little extra for it.

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A lot of homes have city water but the irrigation is from a well

Are you sure it’s even rust. Looks like 1/2 the drives around here with red mud stains. A lot of that stain will come up with surface cleaning. Probably a gallon once it’s cleaned but no more than 2.

I clean up rust stains that bad with 1 in 4 driveways down here and I just use oxalic. 1 cup per gallon ran through my 12v pump. Usually takes a couple passes when it’s dark like that but I’ve never had a stain it didn’t cure. Oxalic is cheap so I hit the whole drive to make it all nice and bright.
Unless of course the stain is red mud or clay like racer suggested.

That stain is from fertilizer applied on the lawn and then overspray, or rain carried it to the drive.