Rust at gutters


So I’m new to this and learning as I go. I just got a call today saying the house I softwash last night has rust under the gutters now. Has anyone else seen this happen? If so any ideas on how to take care of this and keep it from happening again.

Thank you!

Post pics if you can. Your soap most likely washed something rust and it ran rusty water out from that spot. Just go back and clean it with less water or a rag so it doesn’t happen again.

I will be heading over to look at it in a few hours. I will post some pictures.

OK after going and looking at it I think is was soap that dried. Here is a picture before and after I used a garden hose.


Looks a little dirty still, moldy areas

Yes Midwest area. Going hit it again. I must of not had the SH high enough. Still learning.

Just a real light spray. You basically got too much water up into those vent holes and dirt will always run out of them. Spray with a fine spray at an oblique angle. And don’t over rinse.


Can you dumb that down a bit, professor?


Oblique - angle definitions

The definition of an oblique angle is one that is not 90 degrees. … (geometry) Any angle that is not a right angle or multiple of right angles .


OBLIQUE-ANGLE | 4 Definitions of Oblique-angle - YourDictionary



Thank you, sir :rofl:

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Thank you! I will try that also.

Yeah, frustrating when you’re washing and dirt dauber nests in the siding keep ‘bleeding’ out.

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