Rural area marketing?

Hi everyone,
I live in a rural area in SC. I’m pretty sure I’m the only PW business here. I’ve put adds in the local papers and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on marketing. We have very little subdivisions and limited small businesses. Door to door at gas stations?

Lawn signs, Facebook, website, talk everyone’s ear off about your business, door hangers, the list is endless. I just donated a hour of my time cleaning a school playground and my local newspaper did a article on my business (5$ in gas for thousands of people seeing my business)

Where in SC?

I’m in Lee county. I’ve got the yard signs and Facebook going. I have done the best so far with just mailing letters to local businesses. Don’t know how to even start a website. Think it would be worth it in a rural area or should I go with something different?

A website helps establish credibility. Go here. Pressure Washing Resource Association Members Only! | Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design
Get the little package. Many say that it will be paid for quickly. I agree.Don’t even try to do a website yourself.

Get your purty shirt on and start handing out business cards to every one you meet.

Post up a picture of your yard sign here. Go volunteer to wash some widow ladies houses in exchange for placing your yard sign in their front yard. Make sure the poor old widow lady lives in a nice house on a corner lot or well travelled road. I like little old ladies and grizzled old veterans. They will both return the favor. Explain that your trying to build your small business and you need their help. People are nice and they want to help. You just have to give them a chance.

Is your truck lettered yet? We did a $1,500.00 job yesterday because the guy saw our truck at the Sheetz last week.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been wanting to join PWRA. Just wanted to check it out good first. All I have on my truck are small magnetic signs. Thought about lettering my 500 gallon tank sides on my open trailer.

I am in a very rural area myself. I tried the small business/residential door-to-door with no luck. I ended up going to the local implement dealers and trucking companies. After providing services for them word of mouth is your best advertisement (small town talk)

I can relate to your experience … Im out here in Augusta, GA (home of the Masters) and just recently started my own business too (been active for like a month and some change now) … So far I’ve been doing Word of Mouth, FB, Lettering, Magnets and business cards … Been trying to build up some funds to invest in membership here and also waiting on Streetbidder app to help promote business. I have a few other folks already in area to compete with but hey if starting a business was easy every one would be doing, right? :slight_smile:
Best of luck to us all!!

Alfredo Mejia
After Hours Pressure Washing LLC
Augusta, GA

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