Running for a PWNA board position

[COLOR=#333333]After taking a Hiatus from volunteering anywhere the last couple of years within the Powerwashing Industry orgs. The time now is right for me to get involved again with promoting this industry in some type of fashion. I’m heavily involved on the outside with helping some charities and some causes. I resigned any and all of my moderator status within the Industry bulletin boards so when the time was right I could run again somewhere without the stigma of being slowed due to my internet involvements.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I served the PWNA from late 2004/5 -2006/7 and finished up as their Treasurer. I am a high energetic person by nature who wore probably too many hats then which included being my Union President in the same time frame I served with the PWNA.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I supported and belonged to multiple orgs and associations in both of my fields of employment with the largest being 350,000 members strong. I am a believer in supporting groups that represent the individuals in the selected fields. I am going to run for a PWNA Board spot but it doesn’t mean I don’t support the other groups I belong to such as the PWRA any differently.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]My door is always open to anyone in this industry whether they belong to orgs or not(Reason why I was involved in numerous bulletin boards for years). My goals though will be directed towards helping the PWNA get more recognition so their current and future members get more benefits for their membership. One of the ways to do that is to get the PWNA more on the map so the people with power take notice. It’s not going to be an easy task but it is a goal I’m going to set out to complete if I win a PWNA bod slot. Every little thing counts so If I can help the PWNA in any way I’d be more then happy to do so.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]So its official. When there PWNA BOD door opens I’m going all in if they’ll have me.[/COLOR]

Good luck John!

Good luck, you seem like a very knowledgeable person and willing to help others, from what I’ve read on this board and your posts so far. I hope you achieve your goal, I’m sure we would all benefit from it in one way or other.

Thanks guys. Im a rare dude. Volunteering to me comes easily. Hopefully I can help them achieve some of there goals.

Good Luck John. You have a lot to offer.

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Thanks Mike hopefully we’ll cya down at the PWNA Convention which I still have to book. If your at Nola again next year we’ll be there for sure cause that’s already booked for 5 days of business and enjoying and soaking “Awleans into the memory banks”:wink:

Planning on attending both John, CYa soon

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Well, I’m not voting for you…

Yes you are… U just don’t know it;)

I’m getting alot of support via emails, phone calls and text. I already read the PWNA bylaws the other night so I’m up to speed on that. Now to wait for there process to run, or make a run myself if any position opens up prematurely.

As of right now there 12 slots are filled but there’s always a chance to make a go for it somewhere in the future:cool:

I just got a phone call from someone that means the world to me. He’s said that he’s always seen me give nothing less then 120%. He supporting me (as in moral suppprt) to make a run and he’ll do whatever he can to get my name out there.

If I get in I’m going to do what I do best. Make contacts, make connections thru other associations, orgs. and individuals and keep working towards UNITING this industry and connect the dots that aren’t allowing that to happen.

The PWNA isn’t having there board elections Until 90 days after there October Convention and the new BODs are announced 100 days after there last annual Convention so I’m looking at least 6 months down the road…

So with that being said because I always am prepared my run is now:)

Alright you have 180 or so then? Plenty of time to campaign!

Either that or stick a hole in my foot:o I know alot of people that get involved in these type things stay away from the net. But the net is not going anywhere anytime soon as in ever… I’ll use all avenue’s to communicate…always do;)