Rub on chicken then refrigerate?

I know that some people on here are grilling gurus, I am not one of them. Is it okay to do a rub on chicken then refrigerate? I’m doing a couple of rubs and trying to prep up for dinner, already have other bird marinating. I always hammer out my breasts, then usually marinate in frig, then cook later. Been putting onion on the grill per @Ikii, but things still seem to stick a little. Probably going back to oil tonight.

It’s skinless chicken breasts, just got done trimming the fat off. Nothing fancy, just chicken.

There’s nothing wrong at all with refrigerating after a rub. You won’t the meat to sit for awhile after applying rub. When smoking it’s usually recommended to coat the brisket or pork butt in mustard and then apply rub. You don’t taste the mustard and it helps the rub stick. You then let it sit for awhile. I don’t always use the mustard but do on occasion.

With most meat it will automatically release from the grill grates when that side of it is done. Once the natural juices and grease come out it usually keeps it from sticking. I’m not sure if this applies to all though. Breasts don’t have near the fat as other meats so oiling the grates probably doesn’t hurt.

I good marinade that I like using for chicken breasts is the Lawry’s Teriyaki marinade. It makes the chicken breast so tender and gives great flavor. You only have to marinate for like 30-60 minutes. It’s really good.

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Thanks, didn’t know if it would reduce the flavor or some other oddity.

Try a potato instead of onion, any starched veggie will do.
You can season then freeze np.

The chicken i do, my wife marinate, mystard, garlic, pepper, lime, ajinomoto, anato powder.
For 1 to 2 hours, just cause it is for us.

But when doing for church or KoC i do leave it overnight, but then again cause it is 240lb to 300 at a time.

Skinless of course. And tights.
Chicken breast is trickier, …

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I’m a breast man myself :ok_hand::ok_hand:


man, never even thought of that. I shouldd be marinating the chicken then freezing it when I have too much. Thanks.

I used the vidalia onion several times, it’s not like it stuck to it, just bits left behind. When I use oil, it never happens like that.

I have to look up some of your ingredients, never heard of ajinomoto. Thanks again.

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I think it’s basically msg. Ikii showed me what it was when I was trying to copy a yakisobe recipe. You can get it on Amazon.

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