Rookie needs Help with a proposal for an apartment complex

Hi Guys ! !

I got a call from a manager in an Apartment Complex, They have 12 buildings and they want the STAIRWAYS cleaned, there is a total of 72 stairways. I don’t know when it was the last time they got cleaned, probably never. I took several pictures, I just don’t know how to get pictures from my Galaxy 4 (android) in here. (If anybody wants to help me with that, that would be much appreciated). Anyway, they are 3 level buildings, with a kind od grey siding that looks really dirt. I think just a normal house wash solution would do the trick. What you guys think? Now here is the trick part, there is a lot and I mean a LOT of rust stain from the metal on stairs and railings. They asked for 2 bids, one just for regular wash top to bottom. and other bid with “Rust Stain Removal”. I already know what you guys will say. F9 Barc is the solution, I already spoke with Craig once, I want to be an officially Authorized F9 Applicator. I think there is only one other guy in my state that does. I haven’t yet placed my order and filled my application; I will try to get done today, I been busy with my first Commercial Job (Yep ! I got the job for the Post Office, I am doing their 17K SQFT covered parking/garage). Now here is my question for Craig and all those experts out there. How much F9 I will need? I know it’s kind of hard to know without looking at, but pretty much all the 72 stairways, every single one has quite a bit of rust. Now what’s the best procedure, I should first spray the F9 with my sprayer from top to bottom, then I go and apply my soap with my downstream, and finally rinse all of. How long should I let F9 sit on surface (siding, concrete steps, etc), how long should I let before applying my soap and rinse? How long it should take to clean each stairway ? How much shoud I charge? Please HELP ! I know it’s a lot of questions, I apologize. If you prefer to DM me or you can call me at 801-205-1973 . I am new to this business and so far I am loving it. I want to become established, but I know that I still have a lot to learn.

Thanks in advance,

No way to even guess on the rust removal without knowing how much rust there is.
For the pics- are you using the app or your browser?

I know it’s kind of hard to figure out without looking at the pictures. I can put the pictures on my computer then send that way, now what is the app that I can send from my phone?

You could put your pictures on photobucket or another web based picture hosting site and then copy the code and insert it into your post. Hope that helps.

Do a search in the app store for “PWR app”.

Also you can contact Craig Harrison who sells the F9 and send him pics as well. He is always open to helping contractors and onto of all this he is still a contractor at heart.

Calling you now to revisit this.