Rookie here, needs help again

Hey Everyone! I just got a call from a perspective client, she has an old building/warehouse that needs to be cleaned inside, building it’s all empty, it has aprox. 2400 SQFT. They exposed all the rafters. She wants everything to be cleaned from top to bottom (Rafters, ceiling, walls and concrete floor), they have an scissor lift available. Building is about 20 ft high. (I don’t have pictures available yet. I will be meeting her in a couple of hours and I will try to get some pictures). So at this point I have no idea in how really dirty it is. So here some of my questions. For a 1 guy operation, I got a trailer with a 3500PSI x 5 GL unit cold/hot. - For those experts out there, how long would take for you to do this job? and How much you would charge? I haven’t a lot of experience, I have done most flat work and some houses. Ok, I think that’s all … for now.

Thanks guys,


Pics will be helpful. There are alot of variables invovled. Do you have to reclaim? Are there drains? Level of dirt? What are the walls made of? 2400 sq ft isn’t very big. So I can’t see it taking extremely long.

Need some more info. Take alot of pictures and post what you can online so others can give you a better idea on how to price it. The first questions I would need to know is drainage,will the electricity be shut off, was there any rodent infestation just to name a few.

Thanks for your input. I wasn’t able to get any pictures. There is no need to reclaim, There is a couple of drains, 3 walls are made of brick (Owner is going to sandblast everything). 1 wall is a drywall (any specifics on washing drywall? . It’s not real dirty, basically just a lot of dust that owner wants washed clean so he can paint the whole thing. I don’t think I even will need the lift for the rafters, it’s only about 18-20 FT on the highest. I can blast that from the ground or I can use my extension pole. I think just regular house wash would do ok.

I’d be weary about using water on dry wall but maybe that’s just me. You may be fine. I would go with a mild house wash mix & extremely low pressure. Maybe you should scrub the dry wall? TBH I have no experience cleaning interior drywall.