Roof Washing tips and tricks

Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there. Just curious about your tips and tricks for roof cleaning. Can roofs be cleaned with 10.0 SH or must I use 12.5? I’m curious to also know how you handle runoff. Blocking downspouts, necessary or not necessary? Lastly are you guys washing roof afterwards with water or just leaving the chemicals on to dry? I know gentleman lots of questions, forgive me. Learning is great especially from all you professionals. Thanks

Lol I’m thinking you may be a troll.
There is tons of info in the forum about your topic.

I’ll answer your question though…
12.5%,10%, 6% it doesn’t matter. No one uses that strength anyway. Most buy high strength in bulk.
I.e. 12.5% from chem company. And your cost for a 3% mix is less than it would be if you bought 6% from wal mart and mixed 1:1. It is also fresher I.e. stronger.

Good luck. I was on this forum quite a while before I posted a question…let alone give information to others.

Thank you brother no troll here. I’ve been reading and paying attention for many months. But if you take a look at the post I put up yesterday you kind of get your answer as to why I’m asking this question or should I say these questions. I have a window cleaning business and do gutters and power-washing but I want to get into soft washing. There’s no point in searching around looking for answers that might not exist I just figured it would be best to actually ask direct questions and hopefully men like you will be honest and steer me in the right direction. I appreciate your help and thank you for responding so quickly.

They exist.


Yes I understand. But it’s just easier to ask your direct questions and hopefully get answers you have to see that side of it too. Some people will say well if you really want to learn search and you will find it here. That’s very true I’m sure.

The reason people preach searching isn’t to waist your time or be mean. These questions your having at the beginning of learning the skill of roof Washing are part of a bigger concept. Theres stuff you dont even know you need to know yet. So searching and reading will help you out in the long run. Awnsering your question is doing you a disservice in my opinion.


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Now that’s what I’m talkin about thank you very much. You know when you’re in New Guy the professionals can do two things with you well many more but back to the two things. They can help you or they can make you work for it. yesterday I was asking about soft wash systems and most of the guys were just saying build one yourself pretty much saying I’m stupid for not researching it and learning to build my own. It’s very true I’m sure but I don’t have the time most days to be playing around trying to build something that I don’t really understand to begin with. And since there is work available now for roof washing I’m just going to order system ready to go out of the box.

If that is the case then you should not be asking questions like

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Well I appreciate your honesty and I have been reading up on it 4 months. Obviously one can never read enough or watch videos or ask questions. but hey I appreciate the tough love it’s the only way I’ll learn.

I’m not even trying to be a jerk.
The creator’s of this forum have really good search engines it literally only took 2 keywords to find multiple discussions with answers for your questions.

People dont walk into the library and ask the visitors what king built rome… They may ask where to find a section for the history of rome.
But dont expect people visiting for whatever education they sought to teach another about their sought info they can find in the LIBRARY; that is PWRA!

Again good luck!


I suppose but also nervous. Have insurance but still need guidance. Reading, videos etc doesn’t mean bad things can’t happen. So although my questions might be out of line I still had the courage to pull the trigger. Are you saying that I shouldn’t ask?

Well said…

Lots of people bag gutters and don’t rinse. And vise versa. Lots don’t bag and do rinse and vise versa. They are different processes for different situations… Each different tools for different jobs.

Expensive plants and down spouts to landscape beds = bag and rinse… Or divert and rinse.

If you don’t fully understand the concept of using a 12v pump to relocate cleaning solutions from a tank to a roof surface then it’s not the time to buy a system and start using it.
Read more material on the subject because the amount of knowledge you need to gain is huge.
I’m not the most diplomatic of people and for that I’m sorry .

Yes I understand that. And yes I will continue to read and learn. Appreciate you sharing.

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Making you work for it is helping you. That’s a rather smug comment in your part. Most people did not tell you to build your own most people told you your pressure washer was a soft wash machine until you clarified what you wanted. It’s a lazy, self important person that wants everything handed to him. That’s my thoughts anyway. Hopefully you’ll learn something and be around here in still in 4 or 5 years.


Fyi. I barely made it out of middle school and can barely read compared to the info on the forum.
Just saying some of the guys on here really know their stuff there is great info on here. And TERRIBLE also. Read and have common sense.

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Yeah I learned enough from that post. Feedback from you and others regardless of how it’s worded means a lot to me. No matter what I don’t take any offense to anything someone says. the fact that people are responding means they care. That’s all that counts in the end. Thank you for sharing.

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