Roof Goo for Roof Cleaning - New Product I am passing along that I love

There is a company here in Ohio called Vector Chemicals that I buy all of my cleaning chemicals from and they just came out with a new roof cleaning product called Roof Goo that I really like and wanted to pass along to everyone.
Its a solution that you add bleach to and the bleach causes the solution to really thicken up so when you apply it to your roof, it hangs on the roof like a very thick syrup and lets the bleach do its thing.
I use a lot of bleach when doing roof cleaning jobs but had not been able to find a product that will give me a nice long dwell time on a pitched roof and this stuff works great.
Its not on their website yet but you can call them directly at (800) 331-0347 and ask for Patty or Claudia and they can ship it out to you. I think they sell it in 1 gallon jugs and 5 gallon pails.

Shes going to be adding a link to the website soon for online sales. @Pwash1 what company are you from.

Seems like rinsing either by wand or rain could be an issue if it’s as thick as mentioned.

No rinsing issues. I’m no chemist but the water seems to dilute it and it rinses right off once it has set for a while.

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How much of it are you useing that it’s making your solution as thick as syrup. I’m adding about 7-10 ounces to 60 gallons and it’s the perfect consistency for roofwashing.

I think he’s a shill for the company. His only post have been pitching their products


Yea that’s my guess as well

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No idea I just called Claudia and told her about it and she said she didnt know who was posting. I was waiting for her to add a link from the website then I was going to do a post about it and try to send out some free samples.The product does work well for roof washing. Still trying to figure out the ratio as a housewash surfactant. Seems to be SH stable as well. Vector is local in Youngstown and they have alot of potential for Power Washing products. Great customer service too. I dont wana sound too much like a salesman but they have always treated me well.

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Probably the sales guy. I could be wrong…but there are some odd balls out there so I wouldn’t be surprised.

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He has to be…@Pwash1 never answers the question “what company do you work for?” If you’re the sales guy, just say so. Being sneaky/less than honest makes me want to NOT buy products from them.


It’s been adressed.

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