Roof Cleaning taking off!

Really excited that I got into roof cleaning. This has been a “easy money” job. Dangerous and a few close calls here and there but you learn something new daily. Biggest thing has been getting into a highly effected area and having all the neighbors come out with, “I need you to do that exact thing to my house!” Learning my pricing has been the big deal, trying to stay in the $1,000-$1,200 range for a full 3,000-3,500 SQ Ft home. They take a day maybe 1.5 at the most and the best part is this generation of “instant gratification” can see the value of the job. LOVE IT! Getting into it off the bat Josh Brown with CleanProExteriors did his training with me and helped me out big time, thanks man.


If I were younger, I would definitely start as I have had many people ask me to wash theirs.

Its really been great, it honestly is a service that sells itself, ONCE PEOPLE SEE IT. Throwing out cost to people its very hard unless ive done their neighbors. 60% of the jobs I can do off a ladder as well, also Ive found my biggest help is having day old SH. after a week in my barn its already too week for a roof and takes 2-3x as long.


I think it would do pretty well in my area. I will be 58 tomorrow and my knees would not tolerate the ladder climbing.

Understandable, thankfully Texas brings the heat pretty good so pressure washing is a wonderful biz to be in to stay cool. The sucky part about roof cleaning is if theres alot of wind getting a big spray of solution to the face doesn’t feel to great and dries pretty quick. Ill enjoy it alot more once Im not the one on the roof, but for now God hasn’t provided me a helper yet and Im tryin to bust it.


Happy birthday Jim.

How do you know everyones birthdays Brodie???

I guess happy birthday is in order

Thanks, Brodie!


@OvermanPowerClean where in Texas are you? I’m in Austin. Also, what is more in demand for you…house wash or roof wash?

Yeah that’s good money for a roof… so you are charging .35 cent a sq foot? No way we get that up where I live

I’m in Garden Ridge, 15 south of New Braunfels. Also house washes come quick as people call for cleaning there house when there’s dirt, most people don’t even know their roof can be cleaned

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Until I can grow the roof cleaning side I don’t have a set price yet. Job to job for now, level of difficultly, pitch of roof, what type of mold, etc. but typically .25-.35 a ft yeah

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