Robo calls


The multiple robo’s I get on a daily basis have forced me to send most calls to voicemail or have them text me back. I’ve put our number on the ‘do not call registry’ but they just keep using burner numbers.

I thought about contacting my district representative, any other suggestions?


Verizon told me I just have to deal with it. They are using numbers local to me now, and if I call them back the people who answer have no idea what I’m talking about. Verizon was nice enough to offer “enhanced caller ID” for me, now I’m pay $3 a month and 1/2 of the calls I get say
“Potential Spam” in my caller ID. Technology is pissin me off…


With tmobile is free.


Bidslot. They get all the calls and hang up on spam and sales calls. No charge on those calls.


Those calls can be worth up to 500 dollars each. First answer call then request to be put on their do not call list. If they call you after it can be worth 1500 a call. There are some great instructional videos on youtube. I asked a list of questions recommended by video each of which you can sue for 500 dollars if not answered properly and amazingly I no longer get any robo calls whatsoever.