Rinsing your roof

How long after u apply your chemical wash do u rinse ? Just getting started here in WV

From all the reading I’ve done here, most don’t wash it off. They leave it for the next rain…

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I leave it on and let it dry in place and never had a problem with that, no complaints. I also brush what I can ahead of spraying.

David Cox

If you live in a area with high humidity and don’t rinse you better have some extra pennies in your piggy bank. I’m in FL and rinse every roof unless the gutters go underground. I’ve had one tree/bush die on me, it was in a valley, and I covered it during the cleaning.

I’m in Louisiana so I’m guessing rinsing is a must? Do you bag the gutters, tarp the ground and rinse the area of potential harm from the chemical?

Just keep the grass, bushes, vegetation wet. Wet before apply chemical, wet while chemical is working and wet after rinsing. Where about in Louisiana are you located?

Way down south lol! The swamp area!! Ppl around here are very easy going for the most part and really friendly.

I sue o have family in Hammond, LA and We took a trip to Holly Beach a few months back and went crabbing, We had a blast. I’m in North LA. Nice to see a fellow Louisianian washing.

Man that’s cool!!! It’s a pleasure to meet you! Well at least via internet!! Lol!!


You as well lol

I live in Fla as well and always rinse. I start off by soaking down one whole side. Wait about 5 mins and never allowing the roof to dry till I rinse it off. When SH drys its no longer activating so the longer it stays wet the cleaner it gets.

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I do the same

I’m in California. Do people generally rinse here or just apply and leave on? Does it matter depending on roof type? I.e. asphault shingle or tile etc?


That’s what I did, and replied to an existing thread. Maybe I didn’t use the correct search terms I could only find a little on it. Was also specifically looking at what people do in California as most replies were from other areas with different climates. I’ll keep digging.

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I rinse windows after 5-10 minutes of dwell time while I’m rinsing house from top to bottom with a 1% mix never had problem. Make sure to rinse frames thoroughly with low pressure where sh can pool up and drip down after final rinse.

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